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The University (including central campus libraries) will operate under a normal schedule today, Friday January 3rd

Following the latest snow storm, the Yale Alert system announced that the University (including the central campus libraries) will be operating under a normal schedule today, Friday January 3rd.

However, due to staffing shortages and hazardous road conditions as a result of the storm, some library services will be affected as follows:

The Lewis Walpole Library, located in Farmington, Connecticut, will remain closed today.

The Math and Geology libraries will be closed today, though the Center for Science & Social Science Information (CSSSI) is open as normal (8:30-5:00).

The Microtext Reading Room in Sterling Memorial Library will be closed (though SML is open as normal).

All library delivery services (Eli Express, Special Collections, and West Campus) are cancelled today.

Snow is forecast to end around 9:00 a.m. although blowing and drifting may complicate clean up. The weather will continue to be extremely cold throughout the day, and those who must be outside are urged to dress warmly and take appropriate precautions.

Staff who are not performing critical functions may want to consult with a supervisor to determine if they can delay reporting to work or otherwise modify their schedule; supervisors are encouraged to be as accommodating as possible. Staff members who do not work their regular schedule today must use their paid time off.

Those staff engaged in providing critical functions -- those areas responsible for protecting the life, health and safety of the university – must report to work as usual.

Please check http://emergency.yale.edu for any changes in the Yale shuttle schedule and any other snow-related information.