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Microform Reading Room: Equipment

Description of Available Equipment

The Microform Reading Room offers equipment that allows users to read materials in microfilm, microfiche, and microprint formats.  Patrons have an option to create digital copies of film at no charge or create printed paper copies at a rate of 20 cents per page.  Some machines have Internet access and the entire room offers access to the Yale wireless network.  Current equipment includes:

Four ST-200 Digital Microfilm Scanner Systems:  These state of the art microfilm readers allow users to view microfilm, microfiche, and microprint, scan images into multiple digital formats (including PDF), send files over the Internet and browse the Web. Forget your flash drive? Try Yale ITS's large file transfer service.

One ScanPro 2000:  This cutting edge machine offers the same features as the ST-200 readers above, with the added capability of automatic scanning.  Users can now load a reel of microfilm and have it turned to digital copy automatically. 

Two Minolta MS7000s:  These modern microfilm/microfiche readers create both digital and printed paper copies.

Four Minolta SP3000s:  These standard microfilm/microfiche readers create printed paper copies. 

Two Indus Super Carrel Microfilm Readers:  These older style manual wind readers offer an oversized viewing space intended for reading newspapers but do not offer printing or scanning capabilities.

One of our three ST-200 Digital Microfilm Scanner Systems

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