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Finding Materials in the Library

Many books relating to mountaineering are located in the Mountaineering Collection in the L & B (Linonia and Brothers) Room at SML.

To get an idea of the contents and scope of the Mountaineering Collection, begin an Orbis session ( and click on More Limits. In the Collection list, scroll down and select Mountaineering Collection, then click on Set Limits. Now try a keyword search for "mountaineering." You can sort the list of results by publication date and language..

A subject search for mountaineering will display a browsable list of mountaineering Library of Congress subject headings. More Info links will show related or narrower subject headings. Other possibly relevant subject headings include:

  • Altitude, influence of
  • Alps (or other mountain ranges)
  • Mountaineers
  • Schweizer Alpen-Club (or other organizations)
  • Rock climbing
  • Mountaineering expeditions
  • Mountaineering in literature
  • Wilderness survival
  • Mountaineering injuries
  • Snow and ice climbing
  • Women mountaineers
  • Mountaineering guides (persons)

Also, take note of subheadings in Orbis records to find more specific information. Examples include:

  • Mountaineering—Handbooks, manuals, etc.
  • Mountaineering—South Africa
  • Everest, Mount (China and Nepal)—Exploring expeditions
  • Mountaineers—Italy—Biography
  • Women mountaineers—Statistics
  • Gros Ventre Range (Wyo.)—Guidebooks
  • Mountaineering expeditions—Borneo

A keyword search such as mountaineering and travel will result in many items. Using the links for subject headings from individual titles that are most appropriate to your search will lead to browsable subject headings lists. Clicking on the call number link from a record will list all titles shelved nearby, which may lead you to other appropriate sources.




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