Yale: A Short History

Books About Yale

Modern books about Yale

Yale: A History
by Brooks Mather Kelley, Yale University Press, 1974
A balanced, informative one-volume history

School of the Prophets: Yale College, 1701-1740
by Richard Warch, Yale University Press, 1973
Best study of the beginnings

The Separation of College and State: Columbia, Dartmouth,
Harvard and Yale, 1776-1 876

by John S. Whitehead, Yale University Press, 1973
How four famous colleges became private or independent
after semi-public beginnings

Profiles and Portraits of Yale University Presidents
by Reuben A. Holden, Bond-Wheelwright Co., 1968
Biographical studies of seventeen presidents and their
presidencies by the devoted University Secretary

Yale: A Pictorial History
by Reuben A. Holden, Yale University Press, 1967
The buildings and scenes of old Yale

Yale College: An Educational History, 1871-1921

by George Wilson Pierson, Yale University Press, 1952

Yale: The University College, 1921-1937

by George Wilson Pierson, Yale University Press, 1955

Seventy-five: A Study of a Generation in Transition
Edited by the Yale Daily News, 1953
Interpretive topical essays by representatives of the
administration, the faculty and distinguished alumni

The Yale Scene
by Samuel Chamberlain and Robert Dudley French,
Yale University Press, 195O
The classic photographic study of Yale architecture at
neo-gothic apogee.

Alma Mater: the Gothic Age of the American College

by Henry Seidel Canby, Farrar & Rinehart, 1936
Reflective and illuminating recreation of our colleges at the
turn of the century, based on experiences and observations
of Yale College and the Sheffield Scientific School

The Memorial Quadrangle: a book about Yale
by Robert Dudley French, Yale University Press, 1929
James Gamble Rogers' architectural masterpiece - and the
Yale Worthies it commemorates

Earlier classics

Four Years at Yale, by a graduate of '69
by Lyman H. Bagg, Charles C. Chatfield Co., 1871

Biographical Sketches of the Graduates of Yale
with Annals of the College History

by Franklin Bowditch Dexter, 6 vols.,
Henry Holt & Co., 1885-1912

The Ways of Yale in the consulship of Plancus

by Henry Augustin Beers, Henry Holt & Co., 1895;
Yale University Press, 1923

Yale: Her Campus, Class-Rooms and Athletics
by Lewis Sheldon Welch and Walter Camp,
L.C. Page & Co., I 899

Memories of Yale Life and Men, 1845 -1889

by Timothy Dwight, Dodd Mead & Co., 1903

Stover at Yale

by Owen Johnson, S.S. McClure Co., 1911
Introduction by Kingman Brewster,Jr.,
Collier Books, 1968

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