Yale: A Short History

Factual and Statistical Data

As a supplement to the annual Catalogue of the University,
inquirers will find invaluable the Bulletins of each of the
graduate and professional schools; also the following special
publications (all available at the office of the Secretary): The
Residential Colleges at Yak University
(1977), Buildings of Yale
(1965), and Historical Register of Yale University (3 vols. 1937,
1957, 1968). Also visually attractive and factually informative
are a number of the publications of the Campaign for Yale, e.g.,
Prospectus of Yale (1975), The Essential Yale...in 6,500,000
(1976), and Look Here! (serially updated statistics).
For figures on Yale's growth over the centuries, G. W. Pierson
has been assembling materials for a book on "Yale Historical

Picture sources and artists

Alburtus, Charles: 80, 91
Barber, John Warner: 25a
Beinecke Library: 12,16
Bowen, Daniel: 24
Carter, William: 63
Foster, John: (attributed to) 10a
Hall, H. B.: 14a
Hill, John: 2, 14b, 86, 88, 96
Jocelyn, Nathaniel: 72a
Keller, Deane: 72b, 74e
King, Samuel: 64
Lee, Baldwin: front and back covers
Levine, J. D.: 84,98
Luquiens, H. M.: 74b
Meeks, Carroll, Collection (in Yale University Archives): 57
Morse, S.F.B.: 74a
Osborn, Robert: 60
Sacco, William K.: 44-5
Sartain, John: 26 (after ambrotypes by Wells)
Stiles, Ezra: 16
Street, A. Burton: 82
Thompson, Jerry: 70
Thompson, Launt: 96
Trumbull, John: 18
Wadsworth, James: 12
Yale Alumni Magazine: 82
Yale: A Pictorial History by R. A. Holden: 52a, 66
Yale College Dean's Office: 25b
Yale Record: 23
Yale University Archives: 14a, 23, 26, 29, 33,40,43ab, 46ab,
48-9,50, 52b, 54,55, 57,58,69,74bcdf, 76,84,96
Yale University Art Gallery: 8, 10ab, 18, 24, 25a, 64, 72ab,
743e, 86
Zeeman, Enoch: 8

(back cover)

And there shall linger other magic things, -
The fog that creeps in wanly from the sea,
The rotten harbor smell, the mystery
Of moonlight elms, the flash of pegeon wings,
The sunny Green, the old-world peace that clings
About the college yard where endlessly
The dead goup and down. These things shall be
Enchantment of our heart's rememberings.

Archibald MacLeish, from the Class poem, 1915

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