Yale: A Short History

Rectors and Presidents

Reverend Abraham Pierson 1701-1707

Reverend Samuel Andrew* 1707-1719

Reverend Timothy Cutler 1719-1722

Reverend Elisha Williams 1726-1739

Reverend Thomas Clap 1740-1745

Reverend Thomas Clap 1745-1766

Reverend Naphtali Daggett* 1766-1777

Reverend Ezra Stiles 1778-1795

Reverend Timothy Dwight 1795-1817

Reverend Jeremiah Day 1817-1846

Reverend Theodore Dwight Woolsey 1846-1871

Reverend Noah Porter 1871-1886

Reverend Timothy Dwight 1886-1899

Arthur Twining Hadley 1899-1921

James Rowland Angell 1921-1937

Charles Seymour 1937-1950

Alfred Whitney Griswold 1950-1963

Kingman Brewster, Jr. 1963-1977

Hanna Holborn Gray* 1977-1978

A. Bartlett Giamatti 1978-

*Pro ternpore

Abraham Pierson

Kingman Brewster Jr., A. Bartlett Giamatti, and Hanna
Holborn Gray at the Inauguration of President Giamatti.

"The University's proposal is to teach those who wish to
learn, learn from those it teaches, foster research and
original thought, and, through its students and faculty,
to disseminate that knowledge and to transmit those
values of responsible civic and intellectual behavior."

President A. Bartlett Giamatti, Inaugural Address,
14 October 1978

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