Primary Sources for the Study of Art,
Architecture, and Drama
In Manuscripts and Archives

General Resources Documenting the Arts

Collections of personal papers in Manuscripts and Archives provide rich research materials for the study of art and architecture at Yale, in New Haven, and throughout the world. In addition to the following select list of collections and subject highlights, hundreds of collections contain documentation related to art in papers of families on domestic architecture, decoration, and costume; in papers of political figures, reformers, critics, archeologists, anthropologists, geographers, explorers and travelers on many cultures; and in personal sketchbooks, albums, photographs, artwork, handcrafts, and memorabilia. Some examples are described in a 5000-card catalog of material culture items in a group of one-hundred collections analyzed in the 1970s in a cooperative project of the School of Art and Manuscripts and Archives. Correspondence of noted figures in the art world within collections may be found by consulting databases and finding aids, e.g., the extensive correspondence in the papers of Walter Lippmann with his close friend Bernard Berenson.

Collections of papers of artists, graphic designers, and photographers include those of: Josef Albers, Amos Doolittle, Fritz Eichenberg, Frederic R. Gruger, William Fowler Hopson, Deane Keller, John La Farge, Herbert Matter, Samuel F. B. Morse, Laurence Salzmann, Theodore Sizer, Louis Comfort Tiffany, John Ferguson Weir, Irene Weir, Thomas Wilfred, and Emanuel Zeid.

Collections of papers of architects and urban designers include: Henry Austin, H. Page Cross, William Adams Delano, Michael Hare, James Hillhouse, Norman Isham, Louis Kahn, Henry Killam Murphy, Grenville Rickard, James Gamble Rogers, Maurice Rotival, Eero Saarinen, Ithiel Town, John Trumbull, and Christopher Tunnard.

Collections of papers of Yale art, architecture, and drama professors, curators, and historians include: Josef Albers, George P. Baker, Serge Chermayeff, Edward C. Cole, Sumner McKnight Crosby, D. Cady Eaton, Walter Prichard Eaton, John Gassner, Louis Kahn, Deane Keller, William S. Kendall, George Kubler, Stanley R. McCandless, Frank A. McMullan, Carroll L. V. Meeks, Donald Oenslager, Paul M. Rudolph, Theodore Sizer, Shepherd Stevens, Christopher Tunnard, Howard Sayre Weaver, and John Ferguson Weir.

Collections of papers of non-Yale collectors, critics and historians include: Alice Baldwin Beer, Charles Humboldt, James Jackson Jarves, Bancel LaFarge, Charles James Morse, Harold Wickliffe Rose, George Dudley Seymour, Benjamin Silliman, and Martin Sebastian Soria.

Collections containing significant amounts of artwork and architectural renderings include: African Collection, Bicentennial Schlock Collection, Century of Progress-New York World's Fair Collection, Crawford Theater Collection, Exhibitions Collection, Harold Washington Library Center Collection, Historical Picture Collection, Historical Postcard Collection, Objects Collection, War Poster Collection, the World War One Collection, and the World War Two Collection.

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