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Photograph of Yale Political Union radio show, 1948.
Manuscripts & Archives, Yale University.

Adam Hirst 10, On the Yale Political Union

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From 1938 until 1955, the Yale Political Union hosted a twice-weekly radio show broadcast on New Haven radio. The Union was one of the first organizations on campus to have a regular radio program. In this photograph, a guest from Vassar shares her views with members of the Union. The radio station was established for two purposes. The first purpose, to recruit to the Union individuals interested in radio, was an attempt to combat political apathy with an entertaining method of engagement. The second purpose, to spread its influence to members of the New Haven Community, was an attempt to engage Yale students with the political community outside of Yale. The show engaged faculty both in an advisory capacity and in on-air interviews. The Union’s radio program was able to accomplish its stated tasks. It ensured a high level of discourse while keeping programming accessible.