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Yale Banner, 1974.
Manuscripts & Archives, Yale University.

Adam Hirst 10, On the Yale Political Union

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“No Shockley! No Innis!” This was the rallying cry as hundreds of students marched administrative buildings in protest of the decision of the executive board of the Political Union to invite William B. Shockley, professor of electrical engineering at Stanford and Roy Innis, National Director of the Congress on Racial Equality, to a debate on whether blacks are genetically less intelligent than whites. Shockley argued that those with IQs under 100 should be forcibly sterilized as the propagation of unintelligent people would cause civilization to fall. The week prior, Harvard Law School had revoked the invitation to Shockley and Innis due to protest from black law students and professors. Following the protests on campus, the full membership of the Political Union decided to call off the debate by a vote of 200-190. Unlike other instances where guests such as General William Westmoreland and Governor George Wallace, were disinvited and then re-invited, the Shockley debate never occurred.