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Letter from Thomas E. Cavanagh to Member of Congress, [1975].
Manuscripts & Archives, Yale University.

Adam Hirst 10, On the Yale Political Union

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The Political Union was founded in order combat political apathy. This is the metric by which its success or failure should be judged. At its finest, the Union prepares individuals to engage with politics but not forget their roots in the university. This letter from the President of the Union, Thomas E. Cavanagh ’78 is written to a member of Congress in an attempt to set up an internship program in Washington D.C. “…the Political Union will be offering its services to help you select summer interns with the qualifications you desire…Applicants will be screened by a blue-ribbon panel of Yale faculty and alumni.” The use of faculty and alumni to screen applicants is noteworthy as is the existence of the internship program itself. In the 1970’s, internships did not exist in the same numbers as they do today. There is an understanding implicit in such a program that engagement with politics would not end after students took their final exams.