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Press Release from Kingman Brewster, October 2, 1969.
Kingman Brewster Papers. Manuscripts & Archives, Yale University.

Samuel Jackson 11, On University Leadership

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This press release is an example of the many ways that Kingman Brewster tried to enable the expression of dissent at Yale without running afoul of administrative protocol. This mirrored his careful dealings in civil rights matters, as when the Black Panthers trial came to New Haven. While he could not officially sanction the actions of protesters or shut down the University to accommodate them, Brewster himself was in attendance at this anti-war rally. Brewster maintained that for the purposes of the Yale Presidency he had an obligation to maintain political neutrality; this decision was influenced by the will of the more conservative alumni and Corporation but his choice is a reflection of his general approach to conflict resolution. Brewster represents a transition point for the university intellectual in the political sphere, coming at a time when the University no longer sought to directly involve itself in politics even as its constituents became ever more active.