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Brochure by War Resisters League, January, 1967.
Dwight Macdonald Papers. Manuscripts & Archives, Yale University.

Anna Gorovoy 09, Dwight Macdonald and the Vietnam War

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During the war, tax resistance became a relatively mainstream protest tactic, with hundreds of thousands refusing to pay the excise tax on their phone bill—which was raised specifically to fund the war—and many more refusing to pay all or part of their income tax. In January 1967, this brochure was sent to Macdonald by the War Resisters League, which urged him to sign the statement of dissociation as well as to help recruit more tax resisters. While Macdonald responded to the idea of withholding income tax, he did not actually follow through. The fact that his entire income was earned from freelancing made the financial burden too difficult.

This brochure exemplifies opposition through tax resistance and newspaper advertisements. It serves the ends of inspiring tax resisters as well as collecting signatures for an advertisement in the Village Voice, which would create publicity for tax resistance and for general opposition to the war.