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ELMS AND MAGNOLIAS: Yale and the American South

This exhibit covers three centuries of interaction between Yale and the American South. This relationship is best expressed in the words of Professor Edward Ayers (Ph.D. 1979) of the University of Virginia, "Yale, in short, made me see the South through eyes other than my own. In a very real sense, it gave me the South."

From Eli Whitney (B.A. 1792) and John C.Calhoun (B.A. 1804) to President Bill Clinton (LAW '73), Nobel Laureate Eric Weischaus (Ph.D. '74), and Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (B.A. 1973) an important relationship between Yale and the South has flourished. Elms and Magnolias was originally on display in the nave of Sterling Memorial Library April 9, 1996 through September 1996.