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Secession at Yale  |  John C. Calhoun and Cassius Clay  |  Yale and the Confederacy  |  The Civil War and its Aftermath

The 19th Century: John C. Calhoun and Cassius Clay
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Frederick Augustus Porter Barnard
Barnard served as Professor of Mathematics at the University of Alabama and at the University of Mississippi before being elected President of the University of Mississippi in 1856. While at the University of Mississippi, Barnard began construction on the largest observatory in the United States. The project was halted by theCivil War, but was later completed and now serves as the home to the Center for the Study of Southern Culture. With the outbreak of the Civil War he returned to New York becoming President of Columbia College in 1864. In addition to his contributions to Columbia, he was instrumental in the founding of the National Academy of Science.

Frederick Augustus Porter Barnard (1809-1889) b. in Sheffield, Massachusetts, Class of 1828