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The 19th Century: The Civil War and its Aftermath
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Yale Casualties of the Civil War
Of the 865 men at Yale in the years, 1861-65, 240 fought in the war. 199 were Union, and the remaining 41 were Confederate. Of men from all classes, 836 were Union soldiers and 80 members of the Confederate ranks. Of the 166 alumni killed in the war, 55 were Confederate. Of the 55 Confederates, 48 were from Yale College, and 7 were from the Law School. None of the Confederates killed were from the Sheffield Scientific School or Divinity School. The casualty rate of the two groups of soldiers is quite diverse. Thirteen percent of Union soldiers died, while sixty-nine percent, over five times as many, Confederates were killed.

Photo courtesy of Sterling Emeritus Professor Howard Lamar