Nathan Hale: Yale 1773 :: Curator: Richard E. Mooney mssa exhibition

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Hale’s Life In Connecticut: Coventry, East Haddam, New London
Hale Adams romance pamphlet
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Her great-granddaughters insist they were
Three great-granddaughters of Alice Adams went public in 1927 "to refute an unwarranted attempt to break down a well-established fact" - that Alice Adams and Nathan were engaged. Their pamphlet includes affidavits by the three women that "this is a correct statement of facts," but doubts remain. The women cited the uncontested fact that Adams had and used his army notebook, but also an unsigned poem "To Alicia," which handwriting experts said wasn't his, and an unproven story that Adams had a miniature cameo portrait of Hale. Cameos were rare, even among the well-to-do.