Nathan Hale: Yale 1773 :: Curator: Richard E. Mooney mssa exhibition

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The Years At Yale: Scholar, Athlete, Women's Rights Advocate
Class of 1773
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Notable classmates

ROGER ALDEN, JAMES HILLHOUSE, THOMAS MEAD, JOHN PALSGRAVE (Jack) WYLLYS and NATHAN HALE called themselves the Quintumviri - a close-knit five friends.
ISAAC GRIDLEY is believed to have been Nathan's roommate.
ENOCH HALE, Nathan's brother, may have roomed with them.
BENJAMIN TALLMADGE and Nathan signed notes to each other as 'Damon' (Tallmadge) and 'Pythias' (Hale), tightly bonded friends in Greek mythology.
WILLIAM CHANDLER, the only Tory classmate. Linonian literary society's minutes for January 18, 1770, state that "Chandler was expelled from the meeting." He is said to have guided the British in the 1779 invasion of New Haven.

Names taken from Biographical sketches of the graduates of Yale college with annals of the college history ... by Franklin Bowditch Dexter.