Nathan Hale: Yale 1773 :: Curator: Richard E. Mooney mssa exhibition

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The Years At Yale: Scholar, Athlete, Women's Rights Advocate
Quarter book exposes Hale mischief
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Quarter book exposes Hale mischief
This page of the college records for the winter quarter of 1770-71 shows that everyone paid 12 pounds for tuition. Room rent was 1 pound 6 shillings and "contingent charges" were 1 pound 4 shillings. Both Hales also were also charged "punishment" fees for unspecified mischief: Hale 1 [Enoch] 3 pounds and Hale 2 [Nathan] 4 pounds. Charges for "glass" were spread among all students in varying amounts, possibly to spread the blame for broken windows. Historians have failed to fathom so much breakage every quarter.