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Card Catalogs in the Yale Music Library

  1. 1. Manuscripts--Single manuscripts held by the Music Library
    1. bullet  Catalog 1, beginnings to 1972 (1 drawer):
      1. > Includes most of the Lowell Mason Library manuscripts
    2. bullet  Manuscripts Catalog 2, from 1973 to 1980 (5 drawers)
  2. 2. Microfilm cataloged before 1981, split into two files:
    1. Editions
    2. Collections:  This catalog preserves the old filing arrangement for European manuscripts by city, library name, and shelfmark: e.g., Paris, Bibliotheque Nationale, fonds francais 8221.
    3. Sound Recordings in the Recordings Library, split into two files:
    1. bullet  Composers, titles, and subject headings
    2. bullet  Performers
      1. > Catalog 1: 1952 to 1972
      2. > Catalog 2, for the Recordings Library: 1973 to 1980
      bullet  Please Note:  There are no public catalogs for recordings in the Historical Sound Recordings Collection.  Please consult Mark Bailey, from HSR. 
  3. 4. Old Card Catalog 1:  Books and scores, now cataloged in Orbis.  Some analytics for titles in sets appear in this catalog that were not reproduced in Orbis.