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Benny Goodman: A Century of Swing

1. Photograph of the Hull House band, Chicago, ca. 1920.

2. Fletcher Henderson (arranger), “Let’s Dance” (solo clarinet part).

3. Photograph of the Goodman Quartet (Goodman, Teddy Wilson, Lionel Hampton, and Gene Krupa), 1935.

4. Photograph of Goodman, Carnegie Hall, 1938.

5. Program from Carnegie Hall concert, January 16, 1938.

6. Ticket from Carnegie Hall concert, January 16, 1938.

7. Eddie Sauter, “Clarinet à la King” (solo clarinet part).

8. Photograph of Goodman and band, 1940s.

9. Paul Hindemith, Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra (autograph manuscript), 1947.

10. Aaron Copland, Concerto for Clarinet and String Orchestra, with Harp and Piano (ozalid copy), 1948.

11. Photograph of Goodman and his family, ca. 1955.

12. Photograph of Goodman and dancers in Thailand, 1956.

13. Mel Powell, “Mission to Moscow” (full score), 1942.

14. Photograph of Goodman and fans in Red Square, Moscow, 1962.

15. Bill Mauldin, cartoon, 1962.

16. Al Hirschfeld, cartoon.

17. Envelope addressed to the King of Swing, August 21, 1976.

18. Dana Fradon, cartoon, The New Yorker, 1978.

19. Letter from Woody Allen to Goodman, October 5, 1972.

20. Union membership card, Musicians Local 47, Los Angeles, 1969.

21. Membership card, Atlantic Salmon Federation, 1985.

22. Photograph of Goodman with Ronald and Nancy Reagan at the White House, autographed by the Reagans, 1981.

23. Letter from Teddy Wilson to Gil Glynn, October 30, 1985.

24. Kennedy Center Honor, 1982.

25. Yale University, honorary doctorate, 1982.


All of the items on display are from the Benny Goodman Papers except for Hindemith’s Clarinet Concerto, which is from the Paul Hindemith Collection.

More information about Goodman is available from BennyGoodman.com, the official web site of the Goodman Estate.

Special thanks to Eva Heater and Suzanne Lovejoy for their help with this exhibit.
Brochure and poster design by Angie Hurlbut, AHDesign.