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Hail to the Chief: Presidents in the Gilmore Archives

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March and Chorus ("Hail to the Chief")
from The Lady of the Lake

George M. Cohan
"Father of the Land We Love"


  The Wide-Awake Vocalist,
  or, Rail Splitters’ Song Book





Charles Ives.
Intercollegiate March.


Vladimir Horowitz and Claire Dux
Concert Program. The White House.
January 8, 1931



Letter from Eleanor Roosevelt to
Deems Taylor.
February 8, 1940






Harold Rome
"You Never Know What Hit You"
from That's the Ticket

Irving Berlin
"They Like Ike" from Call Me Madam

Benny Goodman and John Kennedy.
July 24, 1962





Telegram from Robert Kennedy to
Goddard Lieberson.
November 23, 1963


Sing Along with Millard Fillmore: The Life Album of Presidential Campaign Songs

Letter from Richard Nixon to Gilbert
Glynn regarding Benny Goodman.
December 3, 1985





Letter from Jimmy Carter to
Robert Shaw.
December 19, 1974

Rosalynn Carter, Robert Shaw,
Alex Hitz, and Jimmy Carter.
December 1977?

Wanda Toscanini Horowitz, Ronald
Reagan, Nancy Reagan, and Vladimir
July 28, 1986







Letter from Ronald Reagan to
Vladimir Horowitz.
October 7, 1986

Presidential pin and cufflinks. Gift to
Vladimir Horowitz from Ronald Reagan

Vladimir Horowitz's National Medal of
Arts Certificate Signed by
George H.W. Bush





Robert Shaw and Bill Clinton



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