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Robert Schumann
Letter to Dr. Arnold

November 26, 1850


 Letter to Dr. Arnold. November 26, 1850
 Letter to Dr. Arnold. November 26, 1850

In this letter to Dr. Friedrich Wilhelm Arnold (1810-1864), a music publisher in Elberfeld, Schumann stipulates the conditions under which Arnold will be granted permission to publish the Neujahrslied (Op. 144).


Düsseldorf, Nov. 26th, 1850

Dear Sir,

I will gladly offer you the Neujahrslied for publication, but with the following stipulations:

Its published form should resemble as much as possible that of my Adventlied, published by Breitkopf u. Härtl;
the publication should include a printing of the orchestra parts or the score (preferably both);
it should include a piano transcription by Mr. Tausch (of which I've spoken to you before);
and I request an honorarium of only 25 Louis d'or, payable upon delivery of the completed manuscript.

It would please me very much if you would be amenable to these conditions. I would also very much like to have the printed parts by January, if possible.

Please let me know what you think about all of this.

Your devoted
R. Schumann