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Robert Schumann
Letter to Julius Schuberth

July 28, 1853


 Letter to Julius Schuberth. July 28, 1853
 Letter to Julius Schuberth. July 28, 1853

In this letter to the publisher Julius Schuberth (1804–1875), Schumann discusses royalties, foreign publication, title page layout, and other details regarding his three piano sonatas (Op. 118), Albumblätter (Op. 124), and Kinderball (Op. 130).


Dear Mr. Schuberth,

Unfortunately I cannot agree to a reduction in my royalties, as I have already set them at a minimum. The three sonatas are longer, in terms of the number of pages, than the Album, for which you nonetheless agreed to higher royalties than for the sonatas. I would be disappointed if we had to cancel our arrangement as a result, but I cannot agree to anything else.

The English publisher is R. Cocks and Company. They offered me a contract, as a result of which I have noticed that my works are becoming better known in England, which pleases me greatly.

I'm opposed to the corrections of the four-handed pieces, as well as to the supplement [Beilage] that you suggested, which I did not entirely understand.

I'm not enthusiastic about any of the suggested titles. The main thing for me is that the title describe the contents as succinctly as possible. I think this would be best:

Cycle of
Eight Characteristic Music Pieces
in Dance Form
For Four Hands
On the Pianoforte

If you agree to this, then let the title also appear in this manner.

I would be glad to meet you here in person about this. Please let us know at your convenience the dates of your visit, because we plan to make a visit home during the middle of October.

My wife sends you her regards, and I remain as always

your devoted,
R. Schumann
July 28th,