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New York Public Library
Sara Velez, Curator, Principal Investigator
David Brown, Chief Cataloger, Reviewer
Heeseop Regent, Mellon Project Cataloging Librarian III, Cataloger

Stanford University
Michael A. Keller, Ida M. Green University Librarian, Director of Academic Information Resources, Principal Investigator
Jerry McBride, Head Librarian, Music Library, Project Manager
Nancy Lorimer, Head, Music Technical Services, Reviewer
Frank Ferko, Sound Cataloger, Cataloger

Syracuse University
Roberta Gwilt, Associate University Librarian for Academic Resources, Principal Investigator
Melinda Dermody, Department Head, Arts and Humanites, Project Manager
Charles Tremper, Catalog Librarian, Reviewer
Donald Seibert, Catalog Librarian, Cataloger

Yale University
Kendall Crilly, Assistant University Librarian, Program Development and Research, Grant Coordinator and Principal Investigator
Michelle Koth, Catalog Librarian, Reviewer
Diane Napert, Catalog Librarian, Cataloger
Richard Warren, Curator, Historical Sound Recordings Collection and American Musical Theatre Collection, Researcher