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Finding Articles about Music

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bullet  RILM Abstracts of Music Literature
Indexes international scholarly literature on music 1969-present.

bullet  International Index to Music Periodicals (IIMP)
Indexes more than 400 scholarly and popular music periodicals, with an emphasis on recent issues.

bullet  JSTOR (full database)
The music journals include full-text for 35 scholarly music periodicals that are core to the profession.

bullet  Music Index
Indexes more than 640 international scholarly and popular journals and magazines.  Best source for popular music.


Try also...

bullet  Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive
contains 32 U.S. and U.K. trade magazines covering film, music, and broadcasting as well as film fan magazines and music press titles. The wide-ranging collection includes material from the age of Vaudeville and silent film to the year 2000.

bullet  International Index to the Performing Arts (IIPA)
Indexes more than 200 scholarly and popular performing arts periodicals and covers nearly all aspects of the world of performing arts, including film, theater, opera, and dance. 1998-present.

bullet  RIPM: Retrospective Index to Music Periodicals (1800-1950)
Indexes and provides detailed contents descriptions for 51 periodicals from 15 countries. Late-18th through mid-20th century coverage.