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Our Library Services
We strive to offer prompt services of high quality to Yale University's music community

Course Reserves
Course reserves are located on the main floor, near the Circulation Desk.  Reserve material must be checked out for each use.  Reserve books and scores circulate for 2 hours during the day, to be used in the library only.  During the last hour the library is opened, books and scores may be checked out overnight, to be returned within the first open hour the next day of service.  Reserve recordings also circulate for 2 hours during open hours, to be listened to within the library, but do not circulate overnight.  Fines are the same as for Sterling Memorial Library.

Interlibrary Loan
bullet  The Music Library participates in Interlibrary Loan through services offered by the Sterling Memorial Library Interlibrary Loan Office. Yale affiliates needing scores, books, and articles not owned by the Yale University Library, may submit requests in person, through Web forms, through Borrow Direct, or through the SFX links in many subscription databases (such as RILM, Eureka, WorldCat, etc.).  In addition, loans of circulating books and scores or photocopies of articles are made to other libraries.  For more information on loans to other libraries, please see Yale University Library Interlibrary Loan.

bullet  There is a publicly available scanner next to the library's entrance, adjacent to the Circulation Desk. The device is a large (11"X17") flatbed scanner which accomodates most scanning needs. Scanning is free of charge for anybody. Among other options, the interface will let you save to a USB drive or email yourself.

Reference & Research Assistance
bullet  Reference and research assistance is available from the Assistant Music Librarian for Public Services, Room ML112 on the main floor of the library, or from staff in the Music Library Office on the mezzanine level, Room ML106M.
Library hours

Study Carrels
bullet  Music PhD students who have have completed their second year and are studying for their qualifying exams may request a study carrel.  Most study carrels are located in the basement; a few are in the Periodicals Room on the mezzanine level.  Carrel holders may reserve material for their carrels by bringing books or scores to the Circulation Supervisor.  Material on carrel reserve may be checked out by Yale affiliates for 24 hours.  Contact the Assistant Music Librarian for Technical Services to request a carrel.

Tours and Research Workshops
bullet  Music Library staff offer several tours and research workshops each Fall.  Faculty, instructors, and groups of students may also request special sessions tailored to their needs.  Contact the Assistant Music Librarian for Public Services to schedule a session.