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Music Theory Treatises: A Digital Collection

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This project was realized in collaboration with Professor Patrick McCreless at the Yale Music Department and with the Yale Library Conservation. Every other year the Music Department offers a course entitled "Theory and Aesthetics". This required class consists in a study of the principal nineteenth-century writings in music theory (tonality, harmony, counterpoint, rhythmic theory, form, etc.) and musical aesthetics. In support of that curriculum, the Gilmore Music Library at Yale makes a collection of rare music theory treatises available to students. Over the years, because of repeated usage, some books have suffered damage. The books used to support the class are mostly 19th century music theory treatises, most of these in German, and have not been not been scanned by anyone (e.g. Google Books.) Digitizing these books has been of great service to the Yale community but also a wonderful contribution to the scholarly world.
URL: http://digital.library.yale.edu/cdm2/browse.php?CISOROOT=%2F1027_3