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Carnegie Hall Receives $2 Million for New Digital Archives

Carnegie Hall today announced that it has received $2 million in major support for a new Digital Archives Project. A $1 million challenge grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York and a matching gift from the Susan and Elihu Rose Foundation will help Carnegie Hall to digitize archival collections documenting the Hall’s 120-year history, ensuring that they are preserved for future generations and made increasingly accessible to the public, both on-site in its Archives and online. The Carnegie Hall Archives was established in 1986. Since no central repository existed prior to that time, a significant portion of the Hall’s documented history had been lost, discarded, or otherwise forgotten. Over the last twenty-five years, Carnegie Hall’s Archives team, led by Director Gino Francesconi, has painstakingly re-constructed the Hall’s history, collecting more than 300,000 items related to close to 50,000 performances and events in its three concert halls; construction of the building and its subsequent alterations; and the many notable artists, world figures, and personalities who have graced the Hall’s stages. More details at: http://www.carnegiehall.org/PressRelease.aspx?pr=4294984239