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The RISM MassDataBase (MDB) is online

The database records around 40.000 settings of the Ordinary to range from the closing years of the 14th century up to the present day. In addition to general information on the works and fundamental biographic data, it also contains information on the source material and modern editions for every individual composition. It is now accessible on: www.mdb.uni-mainz.de

The fundament of the provided information is a systematical compilation of the established encyclopedias and source catalogues (MGG 1 and 2, New Grove, and RISM) as well as the specialist literature.

It is based upon the decade-long work of Peter and Verena Schellert (Arlesheim, Switzerland) and was developed at the department of Musicology of the JGU Mainz under the direction of Prof. Dr. Klaus Pietschmann in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Christiane Wiesenfeldt (department of Musicology Weimar-Jena) and with the support of the department of Musicinformatics of the JGU.