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Chronicle of Higher Education and Chronicle of Philanthropy

The Yale library now subscribes to campus-wide access to Chronicle of Philanthropy online, and has added “domain access,” which includes an iPad app, to its Chronicle of Higher Education subscription.

Chronicle of Philanthropy can be accessed through its Orbis record, from the A-Z Online Journals list, and directly. The interface does not make it clear that we have an institutional subscription; some articles and resources show “lock” icons, but the content is all accessible.

Yale affiliates can use the “Log In” link at the top right of the screen to create an account, using a yale.edu e-mail address; that account allows access to the Yale institutional subscription from off-campus, without having to go through VPN or a proxy server. The Chronicle calls this “domain access.”

Our Chronicle of Higher Education institutional subscription has also been enhanced with domain access. An account created on Philanthropy does not work for Higher Education and vice versa. A user who wants off-campus to both resources has to create an account on each resource.

As with Philanthropy, the Chronicle of Higher Education’s interface also looks as if content is inaccessible, but the lock icons do not apply to our institutional subscription; we can access all of the content.

Finally, our Chronicle of Higher Education subscription now has an iPad app. Matt Regan, of the Instructional Technology Group in ITS, wrote a Mobile@Yale blog post that explains and provides instructions. My thanks to Matt, as well as Kristin Bogdan and Angela Sidman for making the connection with him.