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RISM: International Repertory of Musical sources

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RISM:  International Repertory of Musical Sources
An international project to catalog music manuscripts, printed editions, and treatises through ca. 1825, listing library locations.

  • Current Parts in the Series:
    • bullet  A/I: Einzeldrucke vor 1800 (14 vols.)
    • bullet  A/II: Music Manuscripts After 1600
    • bullet  B/I: Recueils imprimes: XVIe-XVIIe siecles
    • bullet  B/II:  Recueils imprimes, XVIIIe siecle.
    • bullet  B/III:  The Theory of music.
    • bullet  B/IV:  Manuscripts of polyphonic music; 11th century - 1400.
    • bullet  B/V:  Tropen- und Sequenzenhandschriften.
    • bullet  B/VI:  Ecrits imprimes concernant la musique.
    • bullet  B/VII:  Handschriftlich uberlieferte Lauten- und Gitarrentabulaturen des 15. bis 18. Jahrhunderts : beschreibender Katalog.
    • bullet  B/VIII: Das deutsche Kirchenlied (DKL): kritische Gesamtausgabe der Melodien.
    • bullet  B/IX:  Hebrew writings concerning music, in manuscripts and printed books from Geonic times up to 1800.
    • bullet  B/X: The theory of music in Arabic writings (c. 900-1900) : descriptive catalogue of manuscripts in libraries of Europe and the U.S.A.
    • bullet  B/XI:  Ancient Greek music theory : a catalogue raisonne of  manuscripts.
    • bullet  B/XII: Manuscrits persans concernant la musique.
    • bullet  B/XIV: Les manuscrits du processionnal.
    • bullet  C:  Directory of Music Research Libraries
    • bullet  Special Volumes
    • bullet  Supplementary Publications
    • bullet  Libretto and Library Catalogs
    • bullet  US-RISM Libretto Database
    • For more information see RISM.

    • bullet  RISM A/II (also includes):
    • > Composer Information
    • > Library Directory (names and addresses of 5,500+ music libraries)
    • > Bibliographic Citations (primarily musical thematic catalogs, 1,300+ entries)

    • bullet  US-RISM Libretto Database (13,000+ citations for libretti in the Schatz Collection at the Library of Congress), available through the University of Virginia Library's online catalogue, Virgo (include keywords such as "operas" or "librettos" to find records). The Schatz Collection microfilm is held at the Yale Music Library, Microforms, Reel 1904.
  • CD-ROM
    • bullet  RISM A/II: Music Library, Periodicals Room (ML 102M), CD-ROM
      > For a manual to the CD-ROM, please see the Assistant Music Librarian for Public Services, Room ML112.
  • bullet   Print volumes in the RISM series
    RISM A/I, B/I-XIV: Music Library, Reference ML113 I61
  • bullet  RISM A/II: Music manuscripts 1600-1800, database index, Music Library, Microforms (ask in Office, ML106M) Microfiche 60

  • The RISM Home Page is maintained by the RISM Zentralredaktion at Frankfurt/Main, Germany. It provides news and reports on RISM activities throughout the world, describes the various printed and online resources made available by the Zentralredaktion and the national RISM offices.