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Near East Collection: CD-ROMs on Near Eastern Studies

CD-ROMs on Near Eastern Studies

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The CD-ROMs listed below can be found at the CD-ROM Reference Center located on the first floor of Sterling Memorial Library.

  • H
    • Hadith 9 books. Cairo, Egypt: Sakhr Software, 1995.
      Hadith are the sayings and deeds of prophet Muhammad (SAW). This software package includes nine Hadith books of the most famous "roviy"s (collectors of Hadith) like Al-Buhariy, Muslim, Qurtubiy, Abu Dovud, Ahmad Hanbal, Ibn Mojja, and others. It also provides information about the processes of Hadith collection, the biographies of Hadith collectors, and the methods they use to check the Hadith. The software uses full multimedia capabilities and provides recitations of Qur'anic ayas when included in the Hadith.