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Near East Collection: Newspapers and Journals

Newspapers and Journals

Yale is particularly rich in Near Eastern periodicals.  Newspapers currently received at Yale are located in the newspaper reading room on the first floor of the Sterling Memorial Library. They are placed under the heading "Middle East and North Africa." In this section are held approximately 11 newspapers in Arabic, Persian, and English from various countries in the Middle East. Some are kept for six months, while others are kept for three months and then disposed of. The most recent issues of about 240 periodicals in both Near Eastern and western languages are placed in the Periodicals Reading Room, also on the first floor of SML. They are kept in two places: one group is located in section 20 on the first floor, while a second group is in the basement level of the same room in section X-20. Older issues are sent first to the bindery, then to the appropriate section in the library stacks. Journals in vernacular languages are all located in the Near East Section in Sterling Memorial Library. Other (SML) journals in Western languages are located in the general stacks in SML.

Near East newspapers at Yale

Near East journals at Yale

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