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Near East Collection: Arabic & Islamic Studies in USA / UK

Arabic & Islamic Studies in USA / UK

Institutes, Centers, Departments and Journals


  • Georgetown University, Department of Arabic & Islamic Studies
  • Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies
  • Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies The Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies is a refereed, academic journal covering in principle all aspects of Arabic and Islamic studies. The Journal is published on the Internet by the editors and cooperating institutions and on paper by Edinburgh University Press. Contributions for articles are welcomed in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.
  • University of Georgia, Islam and Islamic Studies Resources Information for the study of Islam, Qur'an, hadith, the Sunnah, Shi'ism and Heterodox Movements Sufism and Sufi Poetry Islam in the modern world, militant Islam, jihad, Islamist or extremist Muslims, and terrorism, Islam in Iraq, Muslim women, Islamic art, architecture, music, as well as Islamic history, theology, philosophy, and Arabic and other Islamic languages such as Persian, and religion in general.
  • Villanova University, Center for Arab and Islamic Studies The Center organizes lectures, film series, conferences and outreach programs for the University and the Greater Philadelphia communities. The Center also hosts academic seminars by scholars. The Journal of South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies published at the University, features articles by highly regarded critics and scholars on issues pertinent to modern Islamic societies.



  • The Australian National University, Centre for Arab & Islamic Studies The Centre integrates the study of Middle Eastern and Central Asian contemporary politics, history, culture, political economy, economics, and the religion of Islam within the broader framework of the changing global order. The Centre fosters the study of the region’s most relevant languages of Arabic, Persian and Turkish. It also focuses on issues pertinent to Australia's interests in, and the development of its commercial, scientific and industrial ties with, its areas of coverage.

Middle East

  • Islamic & Arabic Studies College in Dubai gives great attention to qualify its students in their majors in areas in Islamic Sharia and Arabic Language to play their roles in the society and to fulfill its ambitious aims.