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Near East Collection: Islamic & Arabic News Media

Near Eastern, Islamic & Arabic Studies: News Media


By Country

  • Bahrain Post.com (Bahrain) - headlines from various news agencies.
  • Gulf Daily News(Bahrain) - English-language daily.
  • Dubai News(Dubai) - headlines from various news agencies.
  • Al Ahram(Egypt) - requires Arabic-enabled browser.
  • The Star(Jordan) - English-language weekly. Online issues go as far back as November 16, 1995.
  • Al Hayat(Lebanon) - requires Arabic-enabled browser.
  • Lebanese News Stand(Lebanon) - links to online newspapers and other mass media.
  • Al Watan(Oman) - requires Arabic-enabled browser.
  • Times of Oman(Oman) - English-language daily.
  • Arab News (Saudi Arabia) - English-language daily.
  • Teshreen Daily (Syria) - requires Arabic-enabled browser.
  • Al Thawra (Syria) - in Arabic with selected articles translated into English and French.
  • Khaleej Times (United Arab Emirates) - English-language daily.
  • Yemen News Agency (Yemen) - latest headlines as well as links to Yemenese newspapers.
  • Yemen Times (Yemen) - English-language weekly.