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Near East Collection: Online Arabic Newspapers and Journals

Online Arabic Newspapers and Journals from the Middle East

Primarily in Arabic

Language: ar = Arabic; da = Dari; en = English; fa = Farsi/Persian; fr = French; tr = Turkish; ps = Pashto;
Frequency: d = daily; w = weekly; m = monthly.

Sorted by Country:

Afghanistan | Algeria | Bahrain | Canada | China | Egypt | France | Iran | Iraq | Israel | Jordan | Kuwait | Lebanon | Libya | Morocco | Oman | Palestine | Qatar | Saudi Arabia | Sudan | Syria | Tunisia | Turkey | United Arab Emirates | United Kingdom | United States | Yemen | None listed/International

  • Afghanistan
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Afghan Informational Network fa     http://www.afghanpaper.com/  
Benawa.com (kandhar) ps     http://www.benawa.com/ khalid_hadi@hotmail.com
Daily Afghanistan (Kabul) da, ps d news http://www.dailyafghanistan.com/  
KabulPress en, fa d news, discussion and criticism http://www.kabulpress.org/my/ editor@kabulpress.org
Pajhwok Afghan news da, en, ps d news http://www.pajhwok.com/ news@pajhwok.com
Tolafghan da, ps d news http://www.tolafghan.com/  
  • Algeria
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Akher Saâ ar d news http://www.akhersaa-dz.com/ akhersaapub@yahoo.fr
Al-Fadjr ar d news http://www.al-fadjr.com/  
Al-Nahar ar   news http://www.ennaharonline.com/  
Al-Nasr ar   news http://www.an-nasr.dz/  
APS - Algérie Presse Service ar, en, fr d   http://www.aps.dz/ aps@aps.dz
Djazair News ar d news http://www.djazairnews.info/ info@DjazairNews.Info
Ech-Chaab ar d news http://www.ech-chaab.com/ar/ webmaster@ech-chaab.com
El-Chourouk Al-Yaoumi ar, en, fr d news http://www.echoroukonline.com/  
El Heddaf ar d sports http://www.elheddaf.com/ info@elheddaf.com
El-Khabar ar, en, fr d news http://www.elkhabar.com/ admin@elkhabar.com
El-Massa ar d current affairs http://www.el-massa.com/ info@el-massa.com
El-Mustaqbal ar d news http://www.elmoustakbel.net/  
Elwaha ar d news http://www.elwaha-dz.com/ elwaha@elwaha-dz.com
Ennahar El Djadid ar, en, fr d news http://www.ennaharonline.com/ar/ infos@ennaharonline.com
Sawt Al-Ahrar ar d news http://www.sawt-alahrar.net/online/  
  • Bahrain
Title Lang Freq Subject URL Contact
Akhbar Al-Khaleej ar d news http://www.akhbar-alkhaleej.com/ info@akhbar-alkhaleej.com
Al-Alayam ar d news http://www.alayam.com/ nalhamar@alayam.com
Al Bilad ar d news http://www.albiladpress.com/  
Al-Meethaq ar d news http://www.almeethaq.net/  
Altijaria ar   news http://www.altijaria.net/  
Alwaqt ar d news http://www.alwaqt.com/ akamal@alwaqt.net
Al-Wasat ar d politics http://www.alwasatnews.com/ news@alwasatnews.com
Al-Watan ar     http://www.alwatannews.net/  
Bahrain news Agency ar, en   news http://www.bna.bh/ news@bahrain.gov.bh
Urdu Daily News (Manama) ar, en d news http://www.urdudailynews.com/ editor@urdudailynews.com
  • Canada
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Al Ahdath (Ontario) ar, en d news http://www.al-ahdath.net/  
Almughtarib Arabic Newspaper ar   news http://www.almughtarib.com/  
Al-Nafitha ar w music and culture http://www.al-nafitha.com/ nafitha@videotron.ca
Arab News Int'l ar, en d news http://www.arabnews.ca/  
  • China

Title Lang Freq Subject URL Contact
China Today (ar version) ar m China today http://www.chinatoday.com.cn/ar/ arabic@chinatoday.com.cn
People's Daily Arabic ar d news http://arabic.peopledaily.com.cn/ info@peopledaily.com.cn
  • Egypt
Title Lang Freq Subject URL Contact
Ahram ar d news http://www.ahram.org.eg/ ahramdaily@ahram.org.eg
Akhbar Elyom ar   news http://akhbarelyom.org.eg:81/  
Akher Sa`a ar w current affairs http://www.akhbarelyom.org.eg/akhersaa akhbarelyom@akhbarelyom.org
Al-Ahaly ar unclear   http://www.al-ahaly.com/  
Al Ahram ar d news http://www.ahram.org.eg/ ahramdaily@ahram.org.eg
Al-Arabi Al-Nasery ar d news http://www.al-araby.com/  
Al-Gomhuria ar d news http://www.algomhuria.net.eg/ eltahrir@eltahrir.net
Alkahera ar d news http://www.alkaheranews.gov.eg/ alkahera@idsc.net.eg
Al Masry Alyoum ar, en d news http://www.almasry-alyoum.com/ editorial@almasry-alyoum.com
Al Mesryoon ar d news http://www.almesryoon.com/ info@almesryoon.com
Al Messa ar d news http://www.almessa.net.eg/ eltahrir@eltahrir.net
Al Nilin ar d news http://www.alnilin.com/ webmaster@alnilin.com
Al-Osboa ar d news http://www.arabnet5.com/  
Al Shaab ar d news http://www.alshaab.com/  
al-Siyassa al-Dawliya ar, en quarterly since '00 international politics http://www.siyassa.org.eg/ siyassa@ahram.org.eg
Al Wafd ar d news - Wafd party http://www.alwafd.org/  
Arab Net 5 ar d news http://www.arabnet5.com/  
Cairo Live ar, en d news http://www.cairolive.com/zahma/index.html zahma@cairolive.com
ElAkhbar + Akhbar El-Yom ar d news http://www.elakhbar.org.eg/ akhbarelyom@akhbarelyom.org
El Aosboa ar w news http://www.elaosboa.com/ info@elaosboa.com
El Aph ar d news http://www.elaph.com/ editor@elaph.com
El Badeel ar d news http://www.elbadeel.net/ eltkadom@gmail.com
El Fagr ar   news http://www.elfagr.org/ info@elfagr.net
El-Gomhuriah ar d news http://www.algomhuria.net.eg/ eltahrir@eltahrir.net
El Wasat ar d news http://www.el-wasat.com/ wasat@el-wasat.com
Ertu ar d news http://www.egynews.net/  
Hedayah ar   news http://www.hedayah.net/  
Lughat al-Asr ar m computers http://ait.ahram.org.eg/  
Masrawy ar d news http://www.masrawy.com/  
MENA - Middle East News Agency ar, en   news http://www.mena.org.eg/  
Nahdet Masr ar   news http://www.gn4me.com/ nahdetmisr@gn4me.com
Naseej News ar d news http://www.naseej.com/  
October ar w society and culture http://www.octobermag.com/  
Shabab Misr ar   news http://www.shbabmisr.com/ editor@shbabmisr.com
Watani ar, en w society and copts http://www.wataninet.com/ watani@watani.com.eg
  • France
Title Lang Freq Subject URL Contact
Motion Trends ar, fr unclear automotive http://www.sayyaratouna.com/ editor@motiontrends.com
  • Iran
Title Lang Freq Subject URL Contact
Al Alam ar d news http://www.alalam.ir/ info@alalam.ir
Al-Vefagh ar   news http://www.al-vefagh.com/ al-vefagh@al-vefagh.com
Baztab ar   news http://www.baztab.com/ info@baztab.com
BBC Persian fa   news http://www.bbc.co.uk/persian/iran/  
Chabar ar   politics http://www.iran-chabar.de/ info@akhbar-rooz.com
Ettela'at fa d news http://www.ettelaat.com/  
Farda News ar   news http://www.fardanews.com/  
Ham-Shahri fa   news http://www.hamshahrionline.ir/  
Iran fa   news http://www.iran-newspaper.com/ iran-newspaper@iran-newspaper.com
Iran Varzeshi ar d sports http://www.iran-varzeshi.com/ iran-varzeshi@iran-varzeshi.com
IranVNC ar, en d news http://televisionwashington.com  
The Iranian ar, en d news http://www.iranian.com/  
Iranian Diplomacy fa d news http://www.irdiplomacy.ir/  
IRNA ar, en, fa d news http://www4.irna.ir/ irna@irna.com
ISNA ar, en, fa d news http://www.isna.ir/ISNA/  
JameJam en, fa d news http://www.jamejamonline.ir/ info@jamejamonline.ir
Javan Daily ar d news http://www.javannewspaper.com/ info@javandaily.com
Jomhouri Eslami fa   news http://www.jomhourieslami.com/ info@JomhouriEslami.com
Khabar Varzeshi fa d news http://www.khabars.net/ toop.varzeshi@gmail.com
Kayhan fa   news http://www.kayhannews.ir/ kayhan@kayhannews.ir
Khorasan fa   news http://www.khorasannews.com/  
MagIran fa     http://www.magiran.com/  
Quds fa d news http://www.qudsdaily.com/ info@qudsdaily.com
Resalat fa d news http://www.resalat-news.com/  
  • Iraq
Title Lang Freq Subject URL Contact
Al-Badeal ar d news http://www.albadeal.com/ info@albadeal.com
Alef Yaa ar d news http://www.alefyaa.com/  
Al Fourat ar   news http://www.alfourat.com/  
al-Furāt ar m - 3 years Islamic Shiite Thought http://www.alkadhum.org/alfurat/news/index.php alfurat@alkadhum.org
Al-Furat ar, en d news http://furatnews.com/ info@furatnews.com
Al-Furat Monthly ar m   http://www.alkadhum.org/alfurat/  
Al Hayat ar, en d news http://www.daralhayat.com/ information@alhayat.com
Al-Hoda ar     http://www.al-hodaonline.com/ radio@al-hodaonline.com
Al-Itijah Al-Akhar ar   news http://www.alitijahalakhar.com/ alitijahalakhar@yahoo.com
Al-Mada ar   news http://www.almadapaper.net/ qassm@almadapaper.com
Al-Mannarah ar d news http://www.almannarah.com/ almannarah@almannarah.com
Al Moharer ar, en, fr     http://www.al-moharer.net/  
Al Mowaten ar d news http://paper.almowaten.com/ info@almowaten.com
Al-Rafidayn ar d news http://www.alrafidayn.com/ editor@alrafidayn.com
Al-Sabaah ar, en d news http://www.alsabaah.com/  
Al Tariq ar d news http://www.iraqcp.org/ altareeq_1934@yahoo.com
An-Nabaa ar m islamic thought http://annabaa.org/ annabaa@annabaa.org
Awene ar   news http://www.awene.com/  
Az-Zaman ar, en d news http://www.azzaman.com/  
Basaer News ar   news http://www.basaernews.com/  
Iraq For All News ar d news http://www.iraq4allnews.dk/  
Iraq of Tomorrow ar d news http://www.iraqoftomorrow.org/  
Iraq World ar   news http://www.iraqworld.net/  
Iraqihome.com ar   arts & culture http://www.iraqihome.com/ webmaster@iraqihome.com
Khabat ar d news http://www.xebat.net/  
Kitabat ar d news http://www.kitabat.com/ kitabat@kitabat.com
Kul al-Iraq ar d news http://www.kululiraq.com/ info@kululiraq.com
Nahrain ar d news http://www.nahrain.com/ admin@nahrain.com
New Sabah ar d   http://www.newsabah.com/  
Qawim ar   politics http://qawim.net/ info@qawim.net
Sbeiy ar d news http://www.sbeiy.com/ Info@sbeiy.com
Sotal Iraq ar   news http://www.sotaliraq.com/ admin@sotaliraq.com
Tareeq Al-Shaab ar d Iraqi Communist Party newspaper http://tareeqalshaab.com/ joelrw@hotmail.com
  • Israel
Title Lang Freq Subject URL Contact
Akhbar Al-Naqab (Rahat) ar d news http://www.akhbarna.com/arabic/ akhbar@akhbarna.com
Al-Sabar ar m current affairs http://www.alsabar-mag.com/ alsabar.mag@gmail.com
Al-Sinnara (Nazareth) ar d news http://www.sonara.net/  
Assennara ar d news http://www.sonara.net/  
Fasl Al-Maqal (Nazareth) ar w news http://www.fasl-almaqal.com/  
Kul Al-Arab (Nazareth) ar d news http://www.alarab.co.il/  
Panorama (Tayibe) ar w news http://www.panet.co.il/ panet@panet.co.il
Sawt Al-Haqq Wal-Hurriya (Umm Al-Fahm) ar w   http://www.sawt-alhaq.com/  
  • Jordan
Title Lang Freq Subject URL Contact
Ad-Dustour ar d news http://www.addustour.com/ info@addustour.com
Al-Arab Al-Yaum ar   news http://www.alarabalyawm.net/  
Al-Ghad ar d news http://www.alghad.jo/  
Al-Liwa ar d news http://www.al-liwa.com/  
Al Mashrek Al Elami ar d news http://www.al-mashreq.org/php/ ikhlas@al-mashreq.org
Al-Ra'i ar d news http://www.alrai.com/ alrai@jpf.com.jo
Arab News ar d news http://www.3rbnews.net/ info@3rbnews.com
Assabeel ar d current affairs http://www.assabeel.net/ assabeel@assabeel.net
Irbid News ar d news http://www.irbidnews.com/ irbidnews@gmail.com
Petra ar, en d current affairs http://petra.gov.jo/ news@petra.gov.jo
Shehan ar   news http://www.shihannews.net/ info@shihannews.net
  • Kuwait
Title Lang Freq Subject URL Contact
Al Aan ar   news http://www.alaan.cc/ alaan@alaan.cc
Alam Al Yawm ar d news http://www.alamalyawm.com/  
Al Anba ar d news http://www.alanba.com.kw/  
Al Arabimag ar   magazine http://www.alarabimag.com/  
Al-Dar ar d news http://www.aldaronline.com/  
Al Jareeda ar d general http://www.aljarida.com/aljarida/ majles@aljarida.com
Al-Mujtamaa ar w news http://www.almujtamaa-mag.com/ info@almujtamaa.com
Al-Nahar ar   news http://www.annaharkw.com/ webmaster@annaharkw.com
Al Qabas ar d news http://www.alqabas.com.kw/ info@alqabas.com.kw
Al-Ra'i Al-Aam ar   news http://www.alraimedia.com/ editorial@alraialaam.com
Al Sabah ar d news http://www.alsabahpress.com/ CEditor@alsabahpress.com
Al-Seyassah ar d current affairs http://www.dar-al-seyassah.com/ alseyassah@alseyassah.com
Al-Shahed ar d news http://www.alshahed.com.kw/  
Al Taleea ar w current affairs http://www.taleea.com/ nibari@taleea.com
Alwaei Alislami ar m Islamic matters http://alwaei.com/  
Al Wasat ar d news http://www.alwasat.com.kw/  
Al Watan ar d news http://www.alwatan.com.kw/ ads@alwatan.com.kw
Al-Yaqza ar w women http://www.alyaqza.com/ alyaqza@alyaqza.com
Annahar ar d news http://www.annaharkw.com/annahar/  
Arrouiah ar   news http://www.arrouiah.com/ info@arrouiah.com
Awan ar d general http://www.awan.com/  
Economic Weekly ar w economy http://www.economic-weekly.com/ info@yas-media.com
Kuwait Chat ar d web forum http://www.kuwaitchat.net/msgs/  
KUNA - Kuwait News Agency ar d news http://www.kuna.net.kw/ webadmin@kuna.net.kw
Zoom ar d news http://www.zoomkw.com/
  • Lebanon
Title Lang Freq Subject URL Contact
14 March ar   news http://www.14march.org/ info@14march.org
Addiyar Online ar d news http://www.journaladdiyar.com/  
Al-Akhbar ar   news http://www.al-akhbar.com/  
Al-Aman ar w   http://www.al-aman.com/  
Al Anbaa ar d politics http://www.psp.org.lb/ internationalrelation@psp.org.lb
Alankabout ar d general http://www.alankabout.com/  
Al Anwar ar d news http://www.alanwar.com/ info@alanwar.com
Al-Balad ar d news http://www.albaladonline.com/  
Al Bayan ar d news http://www.albayanlebanon.com/ info@albayanlebanon.com
Al Bayrak ar d news http://www.albayrakonline.com/  
Al-Binaa ar d news http://www.al-binaa.com/newversion
Al-Diyar ar d news http://www.journaladdiyar.com/  
Al Hayat ar   general http://www.daralhayat.com/ iskandar@alhayat.com
Al-Immar wal-Iqtissad ar w news http://www.imarwaiktissad.com/  
Al Inshaa ar w news http://www.al-inshaa.com/ hatem@al-inshaa.com
Al Intiqad ar     http://www.alintiqad.com/ info@alintiqad.com
Al-Kalima ar w news http://www.el-kalima.com/ info@el-kalima.com
Al Kifah Al-Arabi ar d news http://www.kifaharabi.com/ editor@kifaharabi.com
Al-Liwaa ar d news http://www.aliwaa.com/  
Al Manar TV ar, en, fr d news http://www.almanar.com.lb/ info@manartv.com.lb
Al-Markazia ar d news http://www.almarkazia.com/ info@almarkazia.net
Al Massira ar d politics and society http://www.almassira.com/  
Al Moharrer ar w news http://www.almoharrer.net/  
Al Mughtarib ar d news http://www.xn--mgbcf2a6b5ch.com/ n_dsydney@hotmail.com
Al-Mustaqbal ar d news http://www.almustaqbal.com/ almustaqbal@almustaqbal.com.lb
Al-Nashra ar, fr d news http://www.elnashra.com/  
Al Nafez News ar d news http://www.alnafeznews.com/  
Al-Ousbou' al-Arabi ar w current affairs http://www.arabweek.com.lb/ info@arabweek.com.lb
Al Qanat ar unclear news http://www.alqanat.com/ info@alqanat.com
Al-Sharq ar d news http://www.elshark.com/ info@elshark.com
Al Shiraa ar   news http://www.alshiraa.com/ ezzat@alshiraa.com
Al-Sohof ar, en   world news http://www.elsohof.com/ info@elsohof.com
Al-Waie ar w   http://www.al-waie.org/ info@al-waie.org
Al-Watan Al-Arabi ar w current affairs http://www.alwatanalarabi.alqanat.com/arabi/ info@alwatanalarabi.com
An-Nahar ar d news http://www.annahar.com/ webmaster@annahar.com.lb
Assafir ar d current affairs http://www.assafir.com/ coordinator@assafir.com
Assouhofiah ar   news http://www.assouhofiah.com/  
At-Tamaddon ar d news http://www.attamaddon.com/ info@attamaddon.com
Cedar News ar, en d blog http://www.cedarnews.net/  
Central News Agency ar d news http://www.almarkazia.net/ ph@almarkazia.net
Dar Al-Hayat ar, en d news http://www.daralhayat.com/ information@alhayat.com
Echobeirut ar d news http://www.echobeirut.com/  
El Marada ar d news http://el-marada.net/ar/ maradamedia@hotmail.com
El Nashra ar d news http://www.elnashra.com/  
El Shark ar d news http://www.elshark.com/ info@elshark.com
Future News ar d tv http://www.future-news.tv/  
Hamzet Wassel News ar d news http://www.hamzetwasselnews.com/  
Kataeb ar d Lebanese Social Democratic Party http://www.kataeb.org/  
LBCI News ar+en d tv http://www.lbcgroup.tv/ caradec.marianne@media-overseas.com
LCParty ar d Lebanese Communist Party http://www.test1.lcparty.org/ wissam@lcparty.org
Leb Journal ar+en d news http://www.lebjournal.com/newz/ info@lebjournal.com
Lebanon Elections ar   election http://www.lebanon-elections.com/
Lebanese Files ar d news http://www.lebanonfiles.com/ info@lebanonfiles.com
Lebanese Forces ar d news http://www.lebanese-forces.com/ contact@lebanese-forces.com
Majallat al-Jaysh ar, en, fr d military affairs http://www.lebarmy.gov.lb/ cmdarm@lebarmy.gov.lb
Moharrer Al Arabi ar w news http://www.almoharrer.net/  
Naharnet ar, en d news http://web.naharnet.com/defaulta.htm  
NNA - National News Agency ar, en, fr d news http://www.nna-leb.gov.lb/ akassas@nna-leb.gov.lb
NOW Lebanon ar, en d news http://www.nowlebanon.com/Arabic/ info@nowlebanon.com
Saida Online ar, en d news http://www.saidaonline.com/  
Sidonia News ar d news http://www.sidonianews.net/ zaataripress@yahoo.com
Tahawolat ar   news http://www.tahawolat.com/ tahawolatlist@gmail.com
Tayyar ar, fr d news http://www.tayyar.org/tayyar/  
Vcoders ar+en d forum http://vcoders.org/  
Youkal ar   news http://youkal.net/ar/  
  • Libya
Title Lang Freq Subject URL Contact
Al-Amal ar (?) twice per month children and hope http://alamalmag.com/ info@alamalmag.com
Al-Biyt ar m society and culture http://albiytmag.com/ info@albiytmag.com
Al-Fajr Al-Jadeed ar d news http://www.alfajraljadeed.com/ info@alfajraljadeed.com
Al Jamahiria ar d current affairs http://www.aljamahiria.com/ info@aljamahiria.com
Al-Jamahiria Al-Yawm ar d current affairs http://www.ly2day.com/ info@ly2day.com
Alshames ar d current affairs http://www.alshames.com/  
Aqlam Online ar every two months the greater Maghrib http://www.aqlamonline.com/ nour@aglamonline.com
Azzahf Alakhder ar d current affairs http://www.azzahfalakhder.com/  
Kul Al-Fonon ar Twice per month art and culture http://www.kulalfonon.com/  
Libya Al-Youm ar d current affairs http://www.libya-alyoum.com/ Contact@libya-alyoum.com
Oea ar   news http://www.oealibya.com/ info@oealibya.com
Quryna ar d news http://www.quryna.com/ Info@quryna.com
  • Morocco
Title Lang Freq Subject URL Contact
Al-Ahdath Al-Maghribya ar d news http://www.ahdath.info/  
Alalam ar d news http://www.alalam.ma/ alalam@alalam.ma
Al-Alam ar d news http://www.al-alam.ma/  
Al Bayane fr d news http://www.albayane.ma/
Al-Ittihad ar d news http://www.alittihad.press.ma/, http://ailmaroc.net/ alwassite@hotmail.com
Al Jamaa ar, fr d news http://www.aljamaa.net/  
Al-Massae ar   news http://www.almassae.press.ma/ contact@almassae.press.ma
Al Mountakhab ar d sports http://www.almountakhab.com/ contact@almountakhab.com
Al-Tajdid ar d news http://www.attajdid.info/  
Annoukhba ar   soccer http://www.annoukhba.com/ annoukhba_barid@yahoo.fr
Asdae ar d news http://www.asdae.com/ asdae@menara.ma
Assabah ar d news http://www.assabah.press.ma/ assabah@assabah.press.ma
Assahra Al Maghribia ar d sports http://www.almaghribia.ma/ web.master@almaghribia.ma
Bayane Alyaoume ar d news http://www.bayanealyaoume.ma/  
Journal d'OujdaCity, Le ar, fr d news http://www.oujdacity.net/  
  • Oman
Title Lang Freq Subject URL Contact
Al-Shabiba ar   news http://www.shabiba.com/  
Al-Watan ar d news http://www.alwatan.com/ alwatan@omantel.net.om
Oman Daily ar d news http://www.omandaily.com/ editor@omandaily.com
Oman News Agency ar d news http://www.omannews.gov.om/ newsfeed@omannews.gov.om
  • Palestine
Title Lang Freq Subject URL Contact
Al-Ayam ar d news http://www.al-ayyam.com/ info@al-ayyam.com
Al-Bayader ar w news http://www.al-bayader.com/ mail@al-bayader.com
Al-Hayat Al-Jadedah ar d news http://www.alhayat-j.com/  
Al-Manar ar w news http://www.manar.com/ manar@palnet.com
Al-Massar ar Bi-monthly palestinian freedom http://www.almassar.com/ almassar@p-ol.com
Al-Quds ar d news http://www.alquds.com/  
Al-Sbah ar d politics and news http://www.alsbah.net/ info@alsbah.net
Jerusalem Media & Communications Center ar, en   Agency http://www.jmcc.org/arabic/arabic.html jmcc@jmcc.org
Maan ar, en d news agency http://www.maannews.net/ news@maannews.net
Palsport.com ar d sports http://www.palsport.com/  
Ramattan ar, en d news agency http://www.ramattan.net/ramattan/ news@ramattan.com
  • Qatar
Title Lang Freq Subject URL Contact
Al-Jazeera ar, en d TV news http://www.aljazeera.net/
Al-Rayah ar d news http://www.raya.com/ edit@raya.com
Al-Sharq ar d news http://www.al-sharq.com/ alsharq1@qatar.net.qa
Al-Watan ar d news http://www.al-watan.com/ watanq@qatar.net.qa
Qatar News Agency ar, en d news agency http://www.qnaol.com/  
  • Saudi Arabia
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Ajeeb ar, en   news http://ajeeb.sakhr.com/  
Al-Difaa ar w magazine http://www.al-difaa.com/  
Al-hayāt ar d news http://www.alhayat.com/ information@alhayat.com
Al-Jazirah ar d news http://www.al-jazirah.com/ general_manager@al-jazirah.com
Al-Jyl ar w magazine http://www.al-jeel.com/  
Al-Madinah ar d news http://al-madina.com/ webmaster@al-madina.com
Al-Riyād ar d news http://www.alriyadh.com/  
Al-Sharq Al-‘Āwsat ar, en d news http://www.asharqalawsat.com/ editorinchief@asharqalawsat.com
Al-Watan ar d news http://www.alwatan.com.sa/ webmaster@alwatan.com.sa
Al-Yaum ar d news http://www.alyaum.com/ mail@alyaum.com
HayatNafs ar unclear Medicine http://hayatnafs.com/ director@hayatnafs.com
IINA - International Islamic Press Agency ar, en, fr d news http://www.islamicnews.org.sa/ iina@islamicnews.org.sa
Nasyj Al-Ikhbāry ar   news http://news.naseej.com/  
SPA - Saudi Press Agency ar, en, fr d news agency http://www.spa.gov.sa/ wass@spa.gov.sa
‘Okāz ar d news http://www.okaz.com.sa/  
  • Sudan
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Al-Maidan ar, en m communist party http://www.midan.net/ cpos@btinternet.com
Al-Nilin ar d news http://www.alnilin.com/ webmaster@alnilin.com
Al-Sahafa ar   news http://www.alsahafa.info/  
Sudanile ar unclear current affairs http://www.sudanile.com/ feedback@sudanile.com
  • Syria
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Al-Balad ar d news http://www.albaladonline.com/  
Al-Dimoqrati ar d news http://www.dimoqrati.org/ pdpks@msn.com
Al-Fedaa ar d news http://fedaa.alwehda.gov.sy/ fedaa@thawra.com
Al-Furat ar d news http://furat.alwehda.gov.sy/ furat@thawra.com
Al-Iqtissadiya ar   news http://www.iqtissadiya.com/ info@iqtissadiya.com
Al-Jamaheer ar d news http://jamahir.alwehda.gov.sy/ jamahir@thawra.com
All4Syria ar d news http://www.all4syria.info/,
Al-Orouba ar d news http://ouruba.alwehda.gov.sy/ ouroba@thawra.com
Al-Thawra ar d news http://thawra.alwehda.gov.sy/ admin@thawra.com
Al-Watan ar d news http://www.alwatan.sy/  
Al-Wehda ar d news http://wehda.alwehda.gov.sy/ wehda@thawra.com
Annour Newspaper ar   Syrian Communist Party newspaper http://www.an-nour.com/ adurva@syriannet.net
Ayam al-Osrah ar m women and family http://www.ayam-mag.com/ ayame@mail.sy
Champress ar d news http://www.champress.net/ mail@champress.com
Kassioun ar d Syrian communists web http://www.kassioun.org/  
Sawt Al-Muqaf ar d sports http://riadi.alwehda.gov.sy/ riadi@thawra.com
Sawt al-Sha'b ar, en d Communist Party newspaper http://www.syriancp.org/ info@syriancp.org
SANA - Syrian Arab News Agency ar, en, fr d news agency http://www.sana.sy/ sanagm@sana.sy
Syria-News ar   news http://www.syria-news.com/ editors@syria-news.com
Syria Truth ar d news http://www.syriatruth.info/  
  • Tunisia
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Afkar Online ar, en, fr Bi-monthly intellectual ideas http://www.afkaronline.org/ afkar@afkaronline.org
Akhbar Tunis ar d news http://www.akhbar.tn/  
Al-Chourouk ar d current affairs http://www.alchourouk.com/ directiongenerale@alchourouk.com
Al-Sabah ar d news http://www.assabah.com.tn/ noureddine.a@assabah.com.tn
Al-Sahafa ar d news http://www.essahafa.info.tn/ contact@essahafa.info.tn
Télévision Tunissienne ar, en, fr d tv http://www.tunisiatv.com/ info@tunisiatv.com
  • Turkey
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Aksam Gazetesi tr d news http://www.aksam.com.tr/ webmaster@aksam.com.tr
Alanya Bote tr   forum http://www.alanyabote.com/  
Agos tr d news http://www.agos.com.tr/ agos@agos.com.tr
Aydin Mücadele Gazetesi tr d news http://www.mucadele.com.tr/  
Aydýnlýk tr   news http://www.aydinlik.com.tr/ aydinlik@aydinlik.com.tr
Ay Gazete tr d news http://www.aygazete.com/  
Bizim Kocaelik tr d news http://bizimkocaeli.com.tr/ bizim@bizimkocaeli.com.tr
Bursa Hakimiyet Gazetesi tr d sports http://www.bursahakimiyet.com.tr/ haber@bursahakimiyet.com.tr
Cevrimici Haber tr d news http://www.cevrimicihaber.com/  
Cumhuriyet tr d news http://www.cumhuriyet.com.tr/ portal@cumhuriyet.com.tr
Dünya tr d news http://www.dunya.com/ dunyaonline@dunyagazetesi.com.tr
Didim Today en d news http://www.didimtoday.com/ info@didimtoday.com
The Didymian en d news http://www.thedidymian.com/  
Evrensel tr d news http://www.evrensel.net/ posta@evrensel.net
Fanatýk Gazetesi tr d sports http://fanatik.ekolay.net/fanatik/  
Fethiyebay.com en d news http://www.fethiyebay.com/ info@fethiyebay.com
Fotomaç tr d soccer http://www.fotomac.com.tr/  
  • United Arab Emirates
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Akhbar Al-Arab ar d news http://www.akhbaralarab.co.ae/ webmaster@akhbaralarab.ae
Al-Arabiya ar, en d news http://www.alarabiya.net/ contactus@alarabiya.net
Al-Bayan ar d news http://www.albayan.ae/ readers@albayan.ae
Al-Ittihad ar d news http://www.alittihad.ae/  
Al-Khaleej ar d news http://www.alkhaleej.ae/ akmkt@alkhaleej.ae
AME Info ar, en d news http://www.ameinfo.com/arabic/ press@ameinfo.com
Asfaar ar d travel http://www.asfaar.net/ asfaar@emirates.net.ae
CNBC Arabiya ar d news http://www.cnbcarabia.com/arabic/ program@cnbcarabia.com
Hetta ar current issue avail. General http://www.hetta.com/  
WAM - Emirates News Agency ar, en d news agency http://www.wam.org.ae/ wamnews@eim.ae
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Al-Arab online ar, en d news http://www.alarabonline.org/  
Al-Quds Al-Arabi ar d news http://www.alquds.co.uk/ alquds@alquds.co.uk
Dar Al-Hayat ar, en d news http://www.daralhayat.com/ information@alhayat.com
Elaph Publishing Limited ar d news http://www.elaph.com/ info@elaph.com
El Akhbar ar   news http://www.elakhbar.org.uk/ akhbarelyom@akhbarelyom.org
  • United States
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Al-Salam ar   politics http://www.freemuslim.org/sohof/salam/ freemuslim@freemuslim.org
American Arab Forum ar, en   forum http://www.aafusa.org/ info@aafusa.org
Arab American Market en   community http://www.allied-media.com/Arab-American/ info@allied-media.com
Arab American News en d news http://www.arabamericannews.com/news/  
Arab American Times en   news http://www.aatimesnews.com/ editor@AATimesNews.com
Arab Times ar, en d news http://www.arabtimes.com/ arabtimesnewspaper@yahoo.com
Watan ar, en w news http://www.watan.com/ watan@watan.com
  • Yemen
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al-Hisn lil-Ulum al-Insaniyah ar   Pysch. and Social Sciences http://bafree.net/hindex.php  
Al-Motamar ar, en d news http://www.almotamar.net/ info@almotamar.net
Al-Sahwa ar d news http://www.alsahwa-yemen.net/ aa230317@yahoo.com
Al-Shora ar w news http://www.y.net.ye/shoura/  
Al-Thakafiah ar   news http://www.y.net.ye/althaqafiah/ thaqafiah@y.net.ye
Al-Thawra ar   current affairs http://www.althawranews.net/ contact@althawranews.net
Al-Wahdawi ar w politics http://www.alwahdawi.net/ webmaster@alwahdawi.net
Naba al-Haqiqa ar w news http://www.y.net.ye/naba/ naba@y.net.ye
Ray ar w news http://www.ray-yem.com/, http://www.raynews.net/ editor@raynews.net
SABA ar, en, fr d news http://www.sabanews.net/ar/ info@sabanews.net
  • None listed / International
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`Arabiyāt ar since 2000 Women in Arab society http://www.arabiyat.com/magazine.htm info@arabiyat.com
Majallat al-Zahra' ar m - 2 issues Women http://www.rafed.net/alzahra/mag-alzahra/index.html alzahra@rafed.net
al-Dawriya al-Tibbiya al-Arabiya ar Twice per month Medicine http://www.arabmedmag.com/index.htm solutech@net.sy
Asharq Al-Awsat ar d news http://www.asharqalawsat.com/ webmaster@asharqalawsat.com
El Morshed al arabi ar unclear current affairs http://www.elmorshed.net/ email@elmorshed.net
Ain al-Yaqin en, ar w politics and news http://www.ain-al-yaqeen.com/ info@ain-al-yaqeen.com
al-Majallah al-Islamiyah ar unclear; six avail. Islam http://www.angelfire.com/mn/masjid/ wissam_78@hotmail.com
Bidoun en quarterly Middle Eastern culture http://www.bidoun.com/ info@bidoun.com
Azzaman ar d news http://www.azzaman.com/  
al-Fustat ar m history http://www.fustat.com/ mushrif@fustat.com
al-Mahdi Title en Quarterly since '01 Islamic Studies http://almahdi.4t.com/ Admin@clearbook.every1.net
Al-Hayat ar d news http://www.daralhayat.com/ information@alhayat.com
Alquds ar d news http://www.alquds.com/ info@alquds.com
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