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SCOPA Grants 2005
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Ibn Sina, Scanned
Non-Western texts present special challenges when planning a digital text collection. In the case of texts printed in Arabic, the challenges multiply because of varying fonts used in the printing process, these dependent in the main on the date and country of publication.

A manuscript in Arabic and its modern critical equivalent will serve as the materials for this digitization experiment. Specific sections from both texts will be scanned and processed to determine how much and how well Arabic text can be converted, via Optical Character Recognition software, into searchable text.

The principal text chosen for this SCOPA project is the قانون في ألطب (Canon of Medicine) from Ibn Sina (Avicenna, d. 428/1037). The manuscript, copied in 1006 H./1597-98 A.D., is found in the Medical Historical Library at Yale and is cataloged as Cushing Arabic ms. 5. The modern critical edition is al-Qānūn fī al-tibb li-Abī `Alī al-Husayn ibn `Abd Allāh Ibn Sīnā. Bayrut : Mu'assasat `Izz al-Din, 1987.

This is a new website for a SCOPA 2005 grant. The contents are a result of work generously funded by SCOPA. Please browse the pages and let us know your comments or questions.

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