Acq/Serials Implementation Group


November 20, 2001


Present: Amelia, Cindy, Jeffry, Jim, Mary Ellen, Suzanna. Roy was excused.

 Jim reported that the Monographs Workflow Group had worked on creating purchase orders and would next work on receiving items and creating invoices. Jim is saving screen dumps to create a cookbook on the web. We hope to finish the monographs workflow in December and move on to the serials workflow.

 Cindy reported on her progress in creating a few generic acquisitions profiles which would fit most staff. In NOTIS, the only difference for many of the security profiles is the ord/recunit(s) which that person has access to. In NOTIS, a person can have access to one primary ord/recunit and 2 secondary ord/recunits; if he needs access to more than 3, then the second value is an asterisk which gives him access to ALL ord/recunits. In Voyager we can give people access to however many locations they need OR we can give people access to all locations. ASG will need to discuss this issue.

 The group worked their way through the options under the cataloging security profile and identified which functions acquisitions staff would need to perform. Cindy will run this list by Patricia Thurston, chair of the Cataloging and Authority Control Implementation Group.

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