Acq/Serials Control

Implementation Group.

Minutes 09/04/01

Present: Debbie, Jim, Roy, Suzanna, Cindy

Debbie reported on the meeting she, Cindy, & Audrey had with Ann Okerson.

Ann thinks our current fund structure works well and is in favor of our

mapping the old structure to Voyager.

Debbie & Roy discussed 4 strange expenditure class codes with Suzanna.

Debbie hoped that invoices could be collapsed in the new system before

going to Oracle, but Suzanna said she could do that now with Notis. Suzanna

and Debbie will work on this. The group needs to talk to Janet Prochownik

soon about various issues, for example, invoices that are paid with more

than 50 different funds. We can pursue the goal of reducing the number of

funds used to pay a single invoice independently of and parallel to working

on the ledgers.

We continued our discussion about how to set up the ledgers. We decided to

choose one of the less complicated ledgers (Area Studies) and set it up in

the test database. For the expenditure class codes, we can append 3

characters to the fund, either the last 3 digits of the old expenditure

class code (105) or 3 letters (mon). We will poll ASG members to see what

their preference is.

Action items:

Jim will set up a meeting with Janet Prochownik for next week

Roy & Debbie will create a ledger in the test database for the Area

Collections in 2 weeks

Cindy & Jim will meet for lunch to discuss how to proceed in general

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