Acq/Serials Implementation Group


October 2, 2001



Present: Amelia, Cindy, Debbie, Fanny, Jim, Mary Ellen, Roy, Suzanna

The group set up a schedule for the rest of the semester. Cindy will send it to people via email or Meeting Maker or both. The group then discussed the following task list and divided up the assignments as follows:

Determine Fund structure Debbie/Roy

Determine fiscal periods (sysadmin) Debbie

Determine Acq policy groups Cindy

Determine Receiving locations

Determine Order/Pay/Claim happening locations

Determine fund types (sysadmin) Debbie

Determine vendor types (sysadmin) Cindy

Determine basic claim/cancel intervals for vendors (sysadmin)

Determine currencies Debbie/Roy

Determine how new titles will be created (Acq or Cat module) Jim (consult with Patricia Thurston)

Create Acq templates and workflows

Monographs (firm orders, approval plans, series standing orders) Amelia, Jim, Mary Ellen

Serials (to be done after monographs workflow is finished) Amelia, Cindy, Jim

Create Acq Import/Export profile (other databases: OCLC, RLIN, vendor records, etc.)

Decide on Acq print locations Cindy, Suzanna

Determine security for acq staff (who can view only, change, etc.) Cindy, Suzanna

Determine Acq module set-up profiles (workflows, defaults, etc.) will be done as part of creating templates and workflows

These will be done later (new subgroups will be formed)

Determine Macros*

Determine Reports*

Determine Training*

Determine Documentation*

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