Cataloging/Authorities Implementation Work Group

Wednesday 8 August, 2001

Present: Patricia Thurston (Chair), Ken Crilly, Marcia Garman, Rick Sarcia, Joan Swanekamp, Manon Theroux.

The group discussed the Endeavor training sessions

Owning Libraries

Because Orbis is the Union Catalog for YUL, all cataloging happening locations need cataloging rights to all bibliographic, holdings and item records in the catalog.

A brief discussion of the relationship of LTYL and LTLC took place.

[Post meeting clarification: Patricia contacted Kalee Sprague to clarify how LTYL and LTLC relate to each other:

The LTYL and LTLC regions are not in the same file. They are stored in two separate files in the same production region. The production bibs are stored in one file and the LTLC bibs are stored in another. The system allows you to search and copy records from LTLC to LTYL, but they are indeed two files that get loaded. ]

Cataloging Policy Groups

We want to make the system and open and unrestricted as possible, at least in the beginning. Marcia will flow chart the processes for one cataloging policy group; and for multiple cataloging groups. Then she will compare the processes. We can start with a simple system and go to something more complex, if necessary.

Cataloging Happening Locations

Joan will forward a list of current Cataloging Happening Locations to the group. We will also consider other activities that happen in cataloging that fall into other modules.

Session Defaults and Preferences

We are looking at several workflow practices and considering how these practices will work in Voyager.

Rick will flowchart OCLC and RLIN workflows.

Joan will flowchart Acquisitions Fast Cat workflows.

Authority records.

We have the option to create these records in Voyager.

· How would we export these records? Northwestern in currently creating authority records in their local system and exporting them.

· Marcia will ask Audrey how Northwestern is exporting, and how we could export.

MARC validation Tag Tables

When we import records from OCLC and RLIN, does the system validate them as we bring them in (like NOTIS does now)?

After the records are saved to our local database, the default validation would be MARC 21. We would need to add the 69X fields to the tag table.


We will discuss the templates at a later meeting.


Z39.50 searching profiles. We will not be loading records from other unauthorized locations. We will continue loading records from OCLC and RLIN. We will not do simultaneous searching of OCLC and RLIN because of the high searching cost.

Manon will e-mail Audrey regarding how defaults are overridden. For example, if LC Classification is the default in the Cataloging Policy Group hierarchy, but an individual location has Dewey as the default, does the individual locationís default override the cataloging policy group default (examples of this situation are currently in the SysAdmin "Cataloging Policy Group Definitions"). Also, if a policy group or location has the default as Dewey, but the cataloger sets the individual session profile preferences on the cataloging module for LC, will the session profile preferences override the defaults set in SysAdmin?