Cataloging/Authorities Implementation Team

01 November 2001


1. We discussed issues brought up at the most recent Implementation Chairs meeting. Training issues. We discussed the current training plans and what we might need to do, to get ready for it. The group recognizes the importance of having clearly-written documentation. In addition to the formal training being planned, we are also considering recommending additional training/review in small groups. This additional training could occur at the team level, on individual workstations, using the documentation. The hope is that learning/reviewing in a "home" environment will help ease anxiety about the new system.

A mechanism for training new staff after implementation is being discussed by other groups.

2. The group discussed the following "housekeeping" issues.

· Pre-training will be needed for some staff who need help with Windows skills. We also discussed hosting demonstrations of Voyager in room 409 before the real training begins. The idea is that when people have the opportunity to look at the system beforehand, they will feel less anxious when they see it during training. These pre-training demos would also help us understand how we will be asked to do different things in different ways in Voyager.

· We need to look at procedures for Day 1. We are currently creating preliminary record templates that can be used on Day 1:

Ken: music (scores); sound recordings; manuscripts

Rick: microforms; maps

Patricia: bib records; serials

Tony Oddo (consultant from Cat. Dept.): motion pictures and video recordings.

· Joan and Marsha will explore the enum/chron data in the Acquisitions Module to see how captions work in Voyager, and also to see whether Voyager provides the captions we need in our library. Our local Enumeration/Chronology documentation will also be updated.

· We need to make sure catalogers have access to all the tools they need on Day 1, including both utilities.

3. Database testing. The first data load will be completed toward the end of November. CCC will be asked to make sure the records look the way we expect them to look. In addition, Manon will create several test records in ORBIS. She will use the documentation created by the Cataloging/Authority Demo Workgroup, which she chaired. The goal of this exercise is to test the Voyager system on tasks we have not yet seen demonstrated.

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