Implementation Work Group

10 June 2002



Present: Rick Sarcia, Karen Spicher, Joan Swanekamp, Manon Theroux, Patricia Thurston (Chair)


Rick tested the new version of Export Q. The program will automatically provide a shortcut button that, when clicked, will simultaneously launch Voyager Cataloging and Export Q. When the cataloger closes Voyager Cataloging, Export Q will also close. A couple of things still need to be checked before others can download the program. CatAut group members will be testing the program for the next few days. Stay tuned for an update.


The group briefly discussed Rick’s draft document of “Voyager Non-Keyword Searches in Staff Modules”. The document will eventually be located with other Voyager documentation on the web, and will also be used in search training.


The group discussed the “Call number” index in staff searching.


***CCC members***

We are conducting a poll.


Do we need to suppress the call number index? There has been some discussion that this search presents staff with too much information. The index includes LC, SuDoc, Other (ind. 8), Dewey numbers, everything. A staff search using this staff index would not be useful for browsing.


Please reply to the CCC list, as well as the CatAut group. Thank you.




Training documents: Audrey Ho, Joan Swanekamp, Steven Arakawa and Karen Spicher will get together to discuss who is updating what.


Patricia will separate and update the various documents included in the Cat Aut Group’s “Recommendations and Decisions” document.


Three cataloging memos have appeared. They are located at: