Cataloging/Authorities Group

Thursday 18 April 2002


· In response to the ORBIS2 Public Relations sub-group request for a list of “Best things about the Voyager Cataloging Module”, the group noted the following (not necessarily ordered by degree of enthusiasm):


  1. Powerful searching capabilities in staff mode (wild enthusiasm)
  2. Wonderful indexing displays (do search on “Bible”)
  3. Can return to search history
  4. In the OPAC, can switch back and forth between non-MARC and MARC displays.
  5. F2 ( great enthusiasm for the context-sensitive MARC field and tag definitions)
  6. The call number search return includes useful bibliographic information
  7. Fixed field drop down menus include field definitions
  8. Can retrieve all related authority records
  9. Wonderful batch importing that catches all duplicates
  10. Hierarchy view
  11. “Bound-with” status and information displays easily
  12. Colors
  13. History tabs show date, time and staff operator information
  14. The system automatically copies a call number from the bib record to the MFHD
  15. Excellent editing capabilities!
  16. MARC validation
  17. Authority validation
  18. We can use standard MARC for our holdings records
  19. For the first time we can have real serials control
  20. Templates
  21. Dynamic indexing


· Training and documentation: We need to look at the NELINET manual and the Cornell Voyager Manual and decide how we will create our own manual describing the way we perform specific tasks. Diane Baden is going to re-write the training manual, and include several additional procedures. We need to think in terms of training new people who will arrive after we go live. A separate documentation group is reviewing local cataloging policy and workflow.


· Changes: We are testing the MARC21 character set. Depending on OPAC display and export requirements, this character set might be a better choice.


· Additional programs:

The “ID Catcher” is being tested. Some suggestions:

The baloons stay around a bit long,

The color used to highlight the bibliographic record number in the ID Catcher’s box is too light; too difficult to see.


Macro Express: We are asking additional people to test the diacritics. We need to make a list of additional macros. What will Gary Strawn’s new “toolkit” do?


· Training for “ID Catcher and Macro Express”: Audrey Ho has these items on her radar screen. Joan will get together with her to coordinate a training program/process.


· Post-Training follow-up:

Joan has a list of people who attended the catalog module training sessions. We will also talk with CCC members about reinforcing the training efforts. Joan could send out a printed bulletin of changes, new information, and updates. The first bulletin might discuss simultaneous searching. The second bulletin could discuss the change in character set to MARC21. Each bulletin would have an example of something fun to try in Voyager. Each bulletin would include a reading suggestion. The bulletins could be posted around departments, or sent to individuals, or both. We would also post an online version on the training website.


· The group will hold a meeting on Monday afternoon to discuss indexing decisions and options.


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