Implementation Work Group


20 September 2001


  1. Rick will visit the Circulation Workgroup to demonstrate cataloging functions in the Circulation module. A brief discussion of work flow issues followed. The group decided to wait until after Rick’s presentation for a more in-depth discussion of cataloging issues/procedures related to circulation workflow.
  2. Rick consulted with Tony Oddo, Steven Arakawa, Pina Scalzo on cataloging workflow procedures in the Cataloging Department. They concluded that the process would not be that different, and might even be much easier in the new Windows environment. Some workflow streamlining ideas are being informally discussed in the cataloging department.
  3. Joan gave a detailed presentation on the current workflow in FastCat. The new system will permit shelf-ready books for material with LC copy. The workflow might also be streamlined. We do not yet know how data will be exported. Manon will explore whether we might be able to automatically export, or whether we will continue adding some kind of export-related information to the bibliographic record.
  4. Patricia contacted Cindy Crooker of the Serials/Acquisitions Work Group. They are grappling with other issues and will let us know when they are ready to deal with "Cataloging in Acquisitions".
  5. Patricia sent a note to Suzanna Lengyel about a list of operator IDs and security profiles related to staff positions. Patricia will report on her findings at the next meeting.
  6. Joan distributed a list of happening cataloging locations to the group. This issue will be addressed in other groups, as well as ours, as appropriate.