Cataloging Authorities Implementation Work Group

Thursday, 23 August 2001


Cataloging Policy Groups

Since the last meeting, Marsha, Jim Shetler and Patricia met to discuss cataloging policy groups. They confirmed that we want only one cataloging policy group. In addition to the reasoning from the August 2nd meeting, we discovered that we cannot map a classification scheme (i.e. SuDoc numbers) to a Cataloging Policy Group.

Other then the SuDoc classification, cataloging government documents is just like cataloging anything else. Marsha demonstrated these findings on the Voyager SysAdmin and Cataloging modules. We will explore the use of defaults and templates in the cataloging module, as well as user security profiling, for workflow issues related to cataloging.

A question came up about playing with SysAdmin settings. We would all like the opportunity to make changes to SysAdmin when we experiment with different ideas, but we also recognize that any changes we make will affect everyone else using SysAdmin. Patricia will ask Audrey about the best way to go about changing settings.

Happening Locations

Joan sent a message to the science libraries asking about happening locations there.

What kind of cataloging happens in the curatorial offices?

We need to learn about user security profiling and the workflow issues related to different profiles. We need to learn how we derive bibliographic records in Voyager. Because of training and staffing issues, we might want to begin with a smaller number of happening locations, and grow from there, as needed.

Patricia will look at the Acquisitions Module Manual to see how it addresses profiling for cataloging.

MARC Validation

We need to explore the workflow issues further.

Other issues:

Authority control issues and the Reports Module. These are both important issues that will be discussed later in the year. Manon (Chair of the library’s Authority Control Advisory Committee) will begin looking into Authority Control issues now.

An Indexing Subgroup is being formed. Manon will be the primary member representing our group. Rick will be the alternate. Both are free to attend the meetings, but Manon will be the main person responsible for reporting back to our group.

Owning Libraries: Patricia will investigate Owning Libraries issues with Endeavor Representatives during the EISI Project Planning sessions, 27-28 August.