Cataloging/Authorities Implementation Group

29 November 2001

The group discussed the need to document current workflow practices. We currently have 24 cataloging happening locations to study. We divided the locations among us. In Voyager, each cataloging happening location will have a code with up to 10 upper-case characters. The initial suggestions here are for training purposes. Although these codes are included on our training database, and could become the official codes, they have not been approved by the cataloging units. We will try to contact the CCC representatives for each unit. In some cases, the CCC representative is a liaison. In cases where the unit has no cataloging staff, we will speak with someone in the unit, as well as the liaison.

The following questions are among those we intend to ask as we survey cataloging units:

1. What kind of cat activities are carried out by Acq staff? Do they create the preliminary records? Or are preliminary records created by Cat staff?
2. What kind of Acq activities are carried out by Cat staff? Do Cat staff need to look at order records?
3. Who searches the LC file? Acq or Cat staff?
4. Does the unit have RLIN? If so, who searches? Acq., Cat. or both?
5. Does the unit have OCLC? If so, who searches it? Acq., Cat. or both?
6. Which staff finish LC copy,? Acq, Cat, both?
7. Which staff finish acceptable copy imported from RLIN and/or OCLC copy, Acq, Cat, both?
8. Does original cataloging happen? If so, what is the workflow?
9. Where does material go after cataloging is completed? Is there a special category of material that gets routed somewhere other than preparations? Are any marking and plating tasks done in the cataloging unit?
9. Is there a backlog? If so, what are the management procedures? What is the searching interval? How is backlog material recorded in Orbis?

10.Where are serials checked in? Who updates the holdings for serials? Who updates holdings for series?

The following list does not include of all the places where cataloging happens. However the list includes those the units which do most of the cataloging. We will visit other units after we complete our survey of the main cataloging units.


Location Name

Code Name

(Up to 10 Characters)

Catalog Department (Sterling Memorial Library) Joan Swanekamp (RS)


Acquisitions Department Jim Shetler (MG)


Music Library Helen Bartlett (KC)


East Asian Collection Clara Chen (PT)


Near Eastern Collection Patrick Salmon (PT)


Southeast Asia Collection Joan Swanekamp, Rich Richie (PT)


African Collection Robert Killheffer, Dorothy Woodson (PT)


Manuscripts and Archives Nancy Lyon (MT)


Beinecke Library Technical Services Suzy Rutter, E.C. Schroeder (MT)


Beinecke Library Manuscripts and Archives Nicole Bouche (MT)


Divinity School Eric Friede (KC)


Government Documents Soraya Magalhaes-Willson, Cecille Mandour (RS)


Social Science Library Soraya Magalhaes-Willson, Edita Baradi, Cecille Mandour (RS)


Kline Science Library Kari Lynch, Tony Oddo (JS, PT)


Engineering Library Kari Lynch, Tony Oddo (JS, PT)


Geology Library Kari Lynch, Tony Oddo (JS, PT)


Forestry Library Kari Lynch, Tony Oddo (JS, PT)


Medical Library Paula Ball (MG)


Epidemiology and Public Health Library Beatrice Luh (MG)


Lewis Walpole Library Maggie Powell (MT)


Drama Library Tony Oddo (KC)


Preservation David Walls (RS)


Film Study Center Stephanie Andrew (PT)


British Art Center Elizabeth Fairman (KC)



We also discussed the Data Migration Testing procedure being carried out by CCC members and several other librarians.

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