Cataloging/Authorities Implementation Group

31 January 2002



The following documents were distributed to the group (in electronic and/or print format):

1. Workflows from cataloging units around campus;

2. “Workflow and Staffing Adjustments for Voyager Implementation” (Joan Swanekamp).  This document contains a draft of Cataloging workflow and staff assignments during the interim period between NOTIS and ENDEAVOR.


Happening Locations were discussed. Joan will ask Princeton about how they use them. Marsha will ask Endeavor. Patricia had an exchange with Cornell that suggested very few happening locations might be necessary. We need more information in order to consider the consequences of having any number of cataloging happening locations.


The training document was discussed. Joan extracted the policy issues and will direct policy questions to the appropriate group Advanced searching was taken out and will be a separate training session.


The Circulation group, while recognizing that on-the-fly record creation would be a very rare occasion, would like to know whether they will use a template in the cataloging module, or use the dialog-box form provided by the Circ module.


Patricia will send a draft of a document that contains a list of the group’s decisions, along with a draft of preferences (to be discussed).


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