Cataloging/Authorities Implementation Group

31 July 2002


Present: Steven Arakawa, Marsha Garman, Rick Sarcia, Joan Swanekamp, Patricia Thurston (chair, minutes).


  1. Documentation for Cataloging training in August and September. Please review the updated documentation and send necessary corrections and clarification suggestions to Joan by Friday afternoon (2 August). As the Nelinet training is not intended to substitute for deskside, real-life training that will happen within the cataloging teams and units, we will not want any big changes to their current documentation.


  1. Audrey Novak reported to Patricia that Pat Simon was dealing with inappropriate information in the enumeration, chronology, year, caption and spine positions in item records. Patricia will meet with Pat Simon (Friday morning, 2 August) to get sample item records and discuss the issues. Patricia will then report to Joan, who will then work with the appropriate people to clarify the situation and compile/create the necessary documentation.


  1. LCDB authority record retrieval issues. Patricia brought Manon Theroux’s compilation of retrieval inconsistencies, along with supporting printouts of authority records. The group decided to examine these perplexing inconsistencies more closely, using Manon’s information as a starting point.


  1. Documentation on the training web site. We need a plan for deciding where to put various pieces of the documentation. The group wondered if the Implementation Chairs might discuss this issue. CatAut group members will look at the current documentation and determine what needs to be linked in the Cataloging at Yale site. The responsibility for some of that documentation will probably go to the Cataloging Department web documentation group. Other linked documentation might become the responsibility of other groups in the library.


  1. MacroExpress. The group discussed the need to determine how updates and revisions will be centralized. Macros now exist for Cataloging and Circulation functions. In the future, Acquisitions might also need to add macros.  The group decided that perhaps the Implementation chairs could discuss the best way to handle ongoing management of MacroExpress.  The current Macro Express file is now ready for dissemination.


The group will meet on Thursday, 8 August, SML 411.


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