Implementation Work Group

06 September 2001


Due to Voyager Database access problems, and tight schedules, our meeting was short.

Rick has been monitoring the Voyager listserv and reading about issues related to bulk importing. He will contact Matthew Beacom regarding bulk importing of EBSCO records. Rick will present workflow ideas for Original and Copy Cataloging in Voyager at the next meeting.

Joan will discuss workflow ideas for Fast Cat in Voyager. She will also update the group on Voyager Happening Locations at the next meeting.

Patricia photocopied and distributed "Viewing and Editing MARC Records (Cataloging in Acquisitions)" from the Voyager 2000.1 Acquisitions Manual. She briefly demonstrated security profiling in SysAdmin, and the relationship between the Acquisitions and Cataloging modules. Patricia will contact Cindy Crooker, Chair of the Acquisitions/Serials Work Group, to see where they are in their discussions of this topic.

Patricia consulted with Jim Shetler on current cataloging profile values in Acquisitions.

Acquisitions staff are currently authorized to do the following:

Add bibliographic records

Delete bibliographic records (only Jim and Rebecca)

Add copy holdings

"Z-out" copy holdings

Add item records

Attach holdings to any bibliographic record

Update bibliographic records

Tag bibliographic records for export

Update holdings records

Update item records

Shawn Steidinger, Chair of the Circulation Workgroup, would like to meet to discuss holdings and items records.